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  1. [all variants] Re: How-To Install Express Gate / Splashtop on Asus Motherboards from Ubuntu / Linux

    Hi, probably not exactly on topic, but is anyone aware if it is possible to replace ExpressGate with another OS? I don't use it for its borked resolution and, well, general ugliness, but it would be...
  2. [all variants] cpufreq: cannot switch to ondemand/conservative governor


    on my 12" PB I cannot seem to get cpufreq working properly. Using the vanilla installation, there was no frequency scaling taking place at all. After installing powernowd, I get auto-scaling,...
  3. [all variants] Installing on Board with ICH10 & SATA w/o AHCI?

    The 8.04 setup doesn't find the HDDs (2x SATA) connected via ICH10 southbridge. I read that enabling AHCI can fix that, but there's also Windoes XP residing on that system and it was installed with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [PPC] Flash-Video (Gnash / swfdec / ...)

    Well, with swfdec, sound works pretty good, it is just the video-playback that is very choppy.

    Thank you for the hint, though. I'll look into it. I remember that some years back mplayer also had...
  5. [ubuntu] [ppc] Frequency-Scaling not working properly

    when booting my 12" Powerbook G4, frequency-scaling is not working. Spaetz described the issue in [1], but his solution is not working properly. When editing the init-script like suggested and...
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    [ubuntu] [PPC] Flash-Video (Gnash / swfdec / ...)

    Hi, I'm trying to get Flash Video to work (youtoube & co) on my 12" Powerbook G4 with Ubuntu 8.04 installed.
    I tried Gnash, but while small Flash-Applets work, youtube just flickers and then shows...
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