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    [lubuntu] Re: update-apt-xapi (How to disable it?)

    someone sticky this for debian as well. SQUEEZE has the same issue and it boils my LT21, as well as annoys the hell out of me.
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    Re: Magic Online III on Wine 1.0.1

    you need Mono 1.2 or .Net 2.0 and wine 1.3. .NET 3.5 will crash(DO NOT INSTALL) and so will LIVE downloader from within winetricks.

    There is a missing C library i might be able to attach.Goes into...
  3. [ubuntu] [FIXED]Re: SD Card reader not working on Acer Aspire One

    can someone sticky page 4 with the sources plEASE?

    Its hard to find working code like this that builds ok for DEBIAN as well...and google redid thier index, so this needs to be one of the FIRST...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: ACER ENE card reader and LUCID Lynx(10.04)

    aparently, this worls on linux 4 one with a patched driver set, and there are some other optimizations.

    perhaps we can include such patches into the kernel/ubuntu tree and NOT EFF them up, as some...
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    [ubuntu] Re: sierra wireless 305 lightning-recently borked

    This works with 10.04 live cd. Select the wifi button.

    2) add new GSM connection. The guy lied to you. If it stars with *99, its GSM.

    3) choose your card/att or whatever.
    4) make sure you...
  6. [ubuntu] ACER ENE card reader and LUCID Lynx(10.04)

    any updates on a quasy-working driver..hearing some rumors of <2GB working and others saying there is no driver. There is a driver from Win XP-7, and the HW works in windows.Vendor specific or not,...
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    [ubuntu] [broken] cheese hangs on Gateway LT21

    it hangs 'cheese' app. It used to work ok, Im using Ubuntu 10.04. The next release makes changes to GNOME I do not like,so i cant test on it.Stills are ok.

    Video capturee used to work. There seems...
  8. [ubuntu] [FIX]Re: Internal microphone not recognized: Gateway LT21 netbook

    I have found there is a drop down menu you missed.
    The apps are fine on default install.Check the PulseAudio configureation menu pages.Apparently there are a few dropdown menus.

    Make sure you...
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    They officially 'dont support or sell' anything 'open source' according to the techs in patchogue, ny.

    I cant find the product on the shelf, it isnt listed online on the website and all I get is...
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    [all variants] laptop power reminder on gateways

    I get messages every 5 sec on this newer gateway LT21 netbook.
    I cant avoid them and they misread as a dead battery every 30 seconds or so, I cant get anything done..what gives?

    The battery is...
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    [all variants] USB floppy formatting bails?

    Ive tried as root and installing ufiformat.

    mkfs and mkdosfs seem to do same thing.
    My fstab is set correctly, but I cant for like of me format the disk as vfat/msdos.

    If I could format the...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Mouse Pointer Disappearing after Kernel Upgrade

    seeing similar with gnome. disappears, and not always when typing.

    *bump* of mouse brings it back.

    'uname -a' guys its not that hard.

    Linux frybox2000 2.6.28-17-generic #58-Ubuntu SMP...
  13. [ubuntu] [BUG] network manager wont see connective device

    ok, I've found that with 9.10 anyway, DUN and WWAN connections are not listed in the drop down menu.

    LAN connections are the only thing shown and the configure script doesn't have common carriers...
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    [all variants] Re: Automatic Updates not checking automatically

    well... I find that manually hitting refresh solves the issue, even though 'it says' it is 'up to date'.
    I didn't need to mess with the script.Hit refresh a few times.
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    Re: Sound problems i just can't resolve

    You can disable the very buggy and laggy pulseaudio and replace it with ALSA on up to 9.04.

    9.10 has issues and this fix doesn't work. Its like one of the first few links if you google it.This...
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    [ubuntu] SVN files are too new

    do I need to do anything or would re-checking out work to fix this?

    I checkout with 9.10, thats probably what tripping the error.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Subversion 1.6 Upgrade

    try svn co <sitename> or svn dump

    svn man(ual) pages have help. So do the pages online if you google. Im not an expert, but I USE SVN.I would start there.
  18. Thread: Big bug!

    by rvndrk3233

    [ubuntu] Re: Big bug!

    try winedoors installer. should give you the option. needs 'MS Core Fonts 'package.

    the DL should be up now, it was down for awhile.this isnt a bug though, you DL or installed a package that...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Extreme problems booting, I see grub prompt

    YEAH, try another version.

    you have to overburn, ignore size on PPC(ibook) version.It will fit AND boot.DO NOT put it on DVD, like canonocal says to.If you do, it wont ever boot the cd.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Internet Regularly Falls Over- Poss. DNS Issue?

    If its connection, NO. If you are still connected, try on manual setup, anyway, it works for me with 9.10. 9.04 can use auto.

    It has something to do with your router as well if you are...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 9.10 on Macbook1,1

    I do NOT advise this setup. Advise to downgrade to IBEX. Pulsseaudio forced integration is the LEAST of your troubles.

    (nevermind the effed up X11 config, which nobody seem to fix for 32 bit...
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    [ubuntu] CIF single chip webcam

    AKA, the cheesiest cheapest one you will EVER buy.

    No problems with cheese, but some apps wont hook the camera at all and have to exit.

    is there any way adjust color gamut? my room looks like...
  23. Re: Problem with UMW190 USB Modem (Verizon Wireless) and Ubuntu 9.04

    Good news!! I have tested and I can connect.

    Here is what I did:

    Use the two files on the first link given.You have to create the files with sudo nano /etc/ppp/peers/<filename>

    chown to <me>...
  24. Re: Problem with UMW190 USB Modem (Verizon Wireless) and Ubuntu 9.04

    from my understanding of the core code:

    we have hw detection on PCI bus to detect tty modem.
    the wvdial would work to some extent, thanks to point that out previously. I kept getting access...
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    Re: Microsoft knows we exist.....

    adblock doesn't work like need the anime cartoon ad-on for it to work right.even then.
    they should just abolish online ads.

    at least the video ones.waste of bandwidth.

    No, if you've...
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