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  1. [ubuntu] Re: how can I switch from one tab to another using shortcut in Mozilla?

    I'm a fan of ctrl+up / down
  2. [ubuntu] The SVN Rainforest... Tags / Branches / Trunks?

    Hokay! So I've got the basic stuff down with SVN... (import, update, resolve, commit)

    What I'm getting hung up on is tags, branches, and trunks. My understanding of it is this...

    Tags -> The...
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    Re: Creating an Xfire shortcut?

    The space can be handled by escaping it with a forward slash.

    For example,

    /home/rukuartic/My Folder

    can be accessed as
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    Re: HowTo: Ubuntu Command-Line Edition

    A few notes on screen:

    Ctrl+a+n and Ctrl+a+p send you back and forth through your screens.
    Ctrl+a+d "minimizes" your screen. The cool thing is you can log out and return to your applications by...
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