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  1. Re: Advice from someone with Apt-Mirror experience??

    Well it took 4 fool days to do it, but it only pulled the "MAIN" repository.
    Case closed :-]
  2. Advice from someone with Apt-Mirror experience??

    I've setup Apt-Mirror for the first time and have it running as we speak.
    As I'm doing this for the first time, I wanted to limit the amount of files that I download.
    So when I setup the...
  3. Re: Local Repository question: Multiple PCs with bad internet connection

    Thank you very much Varun!
    I've contacted the ZYXWare people and asked about the cost of the repository in U.S. currency.

    Actually, I maybe kind of close to being able to do it myself....but I'm...
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    Hosed Grub after removing 2nd partition

    Hi all!
    I divided my hard-drive into two partitions and one Linux swap space.
    I had Ubuntu 12.04 on both partitions.... Studio, in the first one, and MATE in the second one.
    I needed more room for...
  5. Local Repository question: Multiple PCs with bad internet connection

    I apologize if this is the wrong section of the forum for this question.....if so, please feel to move it.

    I have a situation where I have multiple PCs which I want to maintain Ubuntu in.
    But the...
  6. Re: Problem installing MSOffice 2007 service packs with PlayOnLinux

    I was unsuccessful at installing a licensed copy of MSOffice 2003 in wine.
    But I still have a licensed copies of word & excel 2000 which both installed without any problems.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Grub Customizer not making changes on grub2

    Have you checked out this link?
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    Re: What can Windows do that Linux can't?

    I have to use Windows in order to run certain Amateur radio applications that have been developed for the Windows platform only.
    ACEHF originally developed for U.S. Navy submarine communications (hf...
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    Re: May not go back to Debain after all

    Hi jPaulb,
    When you say "Debian" do you mean the Debian distro....... like Debian squeeze?
    Its on my list of distro(s) to try out.
    I understand they may have a flavor still using Gnome 2?
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    Re: GUI vs Terminal: your opinions?

    I have Ubuntu 9.04 server and 12.04 server.
    Even when I'm in a GUI oriented system I switch over to the CLI interface to do stuff there instead of using a GUI terminal.
    One can have both the GUI...
  11. Re: Should Canonical make KDE it's default desktop environment?

    Just installed the latest ISO of Kubuntu last week (March 2013) to see what it is like.
    My PC has a modular hard-drive bay.
    Have half a dozen SSHDs I can pop in, for easy OS hopping.

    It appears...
  12. [lubuntu] Install Lubuntu - mess up TinyCore bootload?

    Hi All,
    I have two partitions for OP systems in a HD.
    I have Tiny Core in one partition using GRUB-Legacy as the bootloader.

    I'm concerned about installing a second distro in the other...
  13. [xubuntu] Re: Can a previous version be installed in new hardware?

    I think Clonzilla might work....but I've never tried it.
    Is there a possibility that standard file permissions will interfere?

    I believe I tried to copy the contents of the HD out to a...
  14. [xubuntu] Re: Can a previous version be installed in new hardware?

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for your response.

    Can you advise on how one would go about migrating a current ubuntu setup to a new machine?

    If the process is not too extensive, it would save hours of...
  15. [xubuntu] Can a previous version be installed in new hardware?

    Please excuse me if I should be posting this in the beginners section.
    I wasn't sure.
    I've been a ubuntu user since 2008
    My favorite version was ubuntu 10xx

    I am replacing my main PC which...
  16. [ubuntu] Synaptic downloads of Amateur radio apps don't appear

    Hey Gang,
    Here is a real beginners question.
    I've tried twice now to download and install from synaptic some Amateur radio applications.

    Be darned if I simply cannot figure out where to find...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Getting popup for audio vs data at blank cd insert

    Thanks for your response,
    I apologize for not being clear.
    The way ubuntu is supposed to work with the insert of a blank CD is...

    A popup appears asking you if you want to burn a DATA disk or an...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Getting popup for audio vs data at blank cd insert

    To date I haven't figured it out yet.
    But I did find that if I
    a) change "blank cd" action within the file manager
    b) put in blank cd and wait for it to appear in the desktop
  19. [ubuntu] Getting popup for audio vs data at blank cd insert

    Hi Gang,
    I've searched for this one, but without luck.
    I've got a new install of 8.10
    The machine is physically located in a closet as its being used for a sound room.
    So...that means we can't...
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    [ubuntu] Re: HELP! duplicate or bad block in use!

    Thank you Ajgreeny!!!!

    That worked sweet!!
    I used the install cd instead of the rescue cd.

    I wonder if there is a safe way for me to keep a snapshot of the system for a future...
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    [ubuntu] HELP! duplicate or bad block in use!

    The system will no longer boot.
    It comes up to /dev/sda1/multiply-claimed blocks in inode xxxxxxx:xxxxxx

    Automatic fsck failed, manual must be performed.

    I have a ubuntu restore cd, but...
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