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  1. Re: Old ubuntu version, not able to connect to wifi

    The Ubuntu live session should allow you to make an internet connection. Even the Ubuntu 9.04 disc should let you do that. If you make a wired (ethernet) connection to the router then things will be...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: how m,uich data traffic will installing 14.04 eat?

    My suggestion would be to wait until 6th August and then download Ubuntu 14.04.3. The image available at present is 14.04.2 but the 14.04.3 image will include all the updates that have been made...
  3. Re: Problems with graphic card drivers GeForce GTX 550 Ti and Ubuntu 15.04

    Does that statement mean we are now on to a different problem?

    I can play audio through an HDMI connection from my Nvidia GT216 to a digital TV - Sharp LC-24DV250K. And I can do this on both...
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    Re: apt-get update is not working

    First, would you please enclose that long printout in quote tags. Select the text and then click the icon of a text balloon. A mouse over of the icon says Wrap [QUOTE] tags around selected texts.
  5. Re: cdimage server not showing correct daily build

    Automation is fine but it does not always notice when something falls of the conveyor belt. has a section for Ubuntu Desktop (Unity8) and the build version is 20150703 but the link to the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu installer

    The translation of Ubuntu is done by volunteers. There is an open invitation to join a translation team

  7. Re: KWIN / Default pretty desktop option causing havoc ... well, not too much havoc

    This will explain a little about Kwin

    All window managers/compositors that run on the X server are on the way out. But not for a few years. X server is being...
  8. Re: Upgrading problem issues with hardware ??

    There is a saying: If you find yourself in a hole - stop digging.

    Deleting a Ubuntu partition without first re-installing the Windows boot loader to the hard disk will get us to a Grub rescue...
  9. Re: lost windows after reinstalling ubuntu

    A few points.

    You have Ubuntu 16? The last Ubuntu version was Ubuntu 15.04. The next Ubuntu version will be Ubuntu 15.10.

    When we install Ubuntu and tick the box Install Third Party Software we...
  10. Re: What Linux or BSD do you suggest?

    Did you say Visual Studio?

    Earlier on in the year a Ubuntu developer came up with the idea of making it easier for developers to use Ubuntu as a developer platform. He started work on something...
  11. Re: Thinking of completely using Linux on my machine, how to do that?

    We can use Ubuntu without needing to use Linux commands. By being a regular visitor to this forum you can learn from the answers that people give various useful Linux commands. Some of them produce...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: How to upgrade a set of packages?

    1) Do not allow the installation of Ubuntu to install updates at the same time.
    2) After installation load Ubuntu and run the Update Manager/Software Updater
    3) Untick any packages that you do not...
  13. Re: How much time do you dedicate to learning to code (or anything)?

    For me, learning is like a shelf that has lots of small blocks sitting on it. Each of the blocks represents something I have learned. When I learn something new it is like putting another block on...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: How do I check that this is 15.10 Alpha?

    Anyway, Alpha comes before Beta. Therefore, Alpha 1 would be older than Beta 2.

    With Ubuntu we can download a daily built image. We can do the same with all the other members of the Ubuntu family...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Firefox Chrome Ubuntu 14.04

    Do not access web sites that have an excessive number of Adobe Flash elements. The alternatives are to get an internet connection with a greater data transfer rate (faster) or a more powerful...
  16. Re: *** full concise step by step guide to installing ubu ***

    Those who have technical knowledge and experience to do this or that without hitting any problems have usually forgotten what it was like to be uneducated in that subject. So, guides or tutorials...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: installing ubuntu 14.04 on pre-installed windows 8 machine -- uefi or not?

    Has anyone confirmed from the manufacturer's web site or some other source if this machine has a UEFI boot system motherboard but does not support secure boot?

  18. Re: I think Unity and Compiz are killing my Ubuntu install.

    Installing alternative desktops does complicate things and there is often a conflict with the configuration files. Furthermore, removing an alternative desktop completely is not so easy to do. I have...
  19. Re: First Ubuntu Phone with ‘Convergence’ Is Being Made!

    The only mobile phone that I have is what you might call a "dumb" phone in contrast to a "smart" phone. And I do not use that phone all that much.

    I have heard that with Android phones the OS on...
  20. Re: Should I install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8?

    You could do what some other people have done. They have installed Ubuntu and erased Windows at the same time and then changed their minds and without having a Windows install disc ask us how to get...
  21. Re: Installation / File Systems Messup

    I am not speaking from experience. Just speaking from viewing threads on this forum. If Windows 8.1 was pre-installed then the motherboard will have a UEFI boot system and you may well have to enter...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Installation problem, computer freezes

    You do not say what version of Ubuntu you are using. Does the Live session load to a desktop? The live session uses an open source driver. When we install and tick to also install third party...
  23. Re: one separation boot partition for several os

    Have you tried loading Ubuntu from the wrong USB stick? It does not work. Does it? That is because in Linux every partition has a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) number. And Grub uses UUID to...
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    Re: Unable log in Lubuntu

    Do you have more than one keyboard layout installed? I do. I have both English and Greek keyboard layouts. That does not mean I know Greek. So, please do not assume that I do.

    I does mean that...
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    Re: Why Ibus Not Included Khmer ?

    What version of Ubuntu are you using? I am using 15.04 and I see a Khmer (Cambodia) keyboard layout in System Settings>Text Entry. System Settings>Language Support also has Khmer, Central. Perhaps...
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