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  1. [gnome] Re: How to change Desktop icon size, without changing global icon size in Nautilus ?

    why don't you send me your index.theme file so that I can look into it and feel your use case

    do you want something like this
    having a larger icon like 128x128 icon just for one folder and...
  2. [gnome] Re: How to change Desktop icon size, without changing global icon size in Nautilus ?


    I found a solution for your case

    with some simple editing in the index.theme file you can accomplish such thing( I mean zoomed icons for default size like 72x72 pixel icons for zoom...
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    Re: 10.04 - 1 minute boot time

    may be the problem with fsck I mean the bad sectors in hdd
    next may be some problem with some modules not loading or some file is missing which is required during boot
    next this is graphic...
  4. [lubuntu] Re: how to initialize iphone to sync in rhythmbox or gtkpod?

    check this site
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    [kubuntu] Re: your common KDE 4.4.1 bugs!

    plasma is crashing now and then seems there is no reason for it to crash but still its crashing ...and I have two other issues where plasma crashes ...when I enable stasks or smooth tasks widget...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: long pause at intel splashscreen - grub problem??

    even I have the same problem but mine is upgraded to kde 4.4 and karmic 9.10 ..and mine is halting for about 10 seconds or more I can bear it .

    but I have no idea what that could be ..I mean...
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    [kubuntu] nepomuk resource hog ?

    Im using kubuntu 9.10 with computer specs
    1.5gb ram, 128 mb graphics card intel , 3gh processor dualcore

    even at peak times my processor wont be more than 40% for my usage with firefox and...
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    Re: What OS quiz

    <a href=""><img
    src="" width="300" height="90"
    border="0" alt="You are HP-UX. You're...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: My USB/Memory Sticks turn into Read-Only-File-System!

    IF you are the only user on your system then in your case it will be like this

    chown -R owner:owner /media/partion_name
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    [SOLVED] Re: what is 17 inch monitor max resolution

    Hey folks I solved my problem with some trial and error things

    at first Im not sure that my monitor can display more than 1440x1050 ..then I tried 1600x1200 then I got a frequency error up on my...
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    [SOLVED] Re: theme of gtk apps in root is kinda ugly

    that solved my problem my synaptic is lot better for eyes
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Help with unbuntu and sansa mp3 player

    is your problem solved by now ?

    if not I think I have some ideas which might be problems in your case too

    I have a phone and whenever I connect it through USB then ubuntu detects and I copy...
  13. [gnome] Re: sort files and directories by size in nautilus

    Never mind I shifted from nautilus to dolphin and it seems to do more than I ever wanted

    Long live Dolphin
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution keeps regenerating my cleared trash

    hey I found a solution for my problem ..hope you can also work on it

    All I have to do is to select the messages which are to be deleted then move to the GMIAL folder thrash ..I mean network...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: help: Ubuntu changed file system of one of my partitions

    just try to mount the sda5 and sda6 partitions either by graphical interface or command line ..

    I hope you know the mounting procedure or otherwise hit the search and find about ntfs mount...
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    [SOLVED] theme of gtk apps in root is kinda ugly

    for your information Im using kubuntu 9.10 and I didn't enabled any user other than myself (I mean I dont have root user enabled )

    I want to have same theme for the root apps just like the theme...
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    [ubuntu] Re: pidgin messenger

    use the plugin colourize to change the outgoing message colours and even font faces and sizes too ..
  18. [ubuntu] Re: help: Ubuntu changed file system of one of my partitions

    the OP said correct ..the fdisk command will do the trick and then you have to mount the partitions and then know which partition is your multimedia partition ....then after you can automate it...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: 9.10 is slow and eating up too much ram! What should I do?

    can you tell us that which processes are taking high CPU and memory
    if you are in gnome then gnome-system-monitor will do
    if you are in kde then ksysguard will do

    and tell us if you are...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Kate doesnt respect option of opening documents in tabs

    well I solved this problem I think so

    the solution is
    goto kcontrol>advanced>file associations>
    search text/plain
    then edit the kate properties for command as
    kate -u %U
    here -u is to use...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Weird Boot Error

    just have a look at this may solve your problem
  22. [kubuntu] Re: Make KDE use right screen resolution right away

    I have the same problem ..I was just about to write a thread over here ...but my change is I want 1600x1200 resolution
  23. [kubuntu] Re: computer unresponsive for a short time while HD light is on

    I feel that data is not supplied to your cpu at right time ..

    this can be happened at certain cases
    1) you may request a large data chunk
    2) your hdd is pretty old and have a lot of wear and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: low graphic mode!!!!

    if you want my xorg file I can help you with it ..if yours is intel driver then dont change driver part and if your monitor supports my resolution then keep my xorg file ..basically its a simple xorg...
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    [ubuntu] Re: problem with storage

    I dont have much options for you to tell now but I think some of these may work

    some time back when I was using gnome I saw a app which tells us about the usage of the disk I mean each and every...
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