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  1. [SOLVED] Re: PC won't accept RAM upgrade. Hardware fault, wrong RAM or RAM too big?

    What is the maximum amount of Ram that your system can make use of? This is regardless of the OS. You may have exceeded it.
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Brasero cd burned from flacs won't mount or play

    Brasero has been having issues for awhile now. One minute it'll work just fine, the next it couldn't burn a thing if it tried.

    XFBurn has never failed to work for me.
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    Re: What if Linux was the only OS in existence?

    Oh yes, you can bet everything you love that we would be paying for it.
  4. Re: Fedora LXDE, Linux Mint LXDE or Lubuntu... is there a difference?

    While Fedora is all about FOSS it does not necessarily mean that you can't put the things on that are needed to make it 'work.' It really is a simple matter to add the RPMFusion repo to Fedora 20....
  5. Re: Will Xubuntu 14.04 LTS get faster and lower on system ressources?

    OS and components systems are fast outpacing aging computers these days. The only thing you can do is test the new releases for performance as was mentioned with a small install partition. Even if...
  6. Poll: Re: If you were an office migrating from XP, would you rather deploy Ubuntu LTS or R

    In a business environment you want proven, stable, and reliable software. RHEL has this. Gnome 2 is even more functional with RH added developement of it. The old principle of if it works don't fix...
  7. Re: Linux is the slowest OS I have ever used on any machine.

    Boot time VS. usable desktop.

    I don't mind the extra time as I have things that start with Linux. I have a few udev rules, Tilda, and others that I want to run at start up. The point is that when...
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    Re: Share your Linux journey .........

    Been with Windows since 3.11 for Workgroups. Kept 95PLUS Ver. B well past XP's release. Skipped over 98, ME, and 2000.

    In 2008, my mother had a Toshiba that had Vista. It was nothing but issues...
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    Re: Best and Worst Linux Distros of 2013

    Fedora 20 is sweet, very solid and the Gnome 3 presentation is one of the best.

    He mentions Linux Lite, and that he didn't get a chance this year to review it. Its a shame too, because I'd like to...
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    Re: Steam OS & Windows 8 Nightmares

    If I had purchased games from Steam I would put Windows 7 on the system. You paid for them, use them, no matter the OS.

    If this Steam OS takes off Game makers will have to begin making Linux...
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    Re: What tablet to get? (Ubuntu 14.04)

    There are a number of so-called 'budget tabs' out there. I do know that Polaroid has some that are in your price range. HHGregg has a section of under 100$ tabs. Now the problem, these types of tabs...
  12. Thread: openSuse 13.1

    by Allavona

    Re: openSuse 13.1

    Suse has always been a solid, complete distro. Used it way back when I was new to linux and distro hopping. For KDE I prefer Chakra though, but still check out Suse when a new release is out.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu and Win 7 partitions new install

    Can you disable secure/fast boot in your bios and enable legacyboot?
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    Re: ubuntu/windows 8 dual boot

    Have you tried generating a new grub.cfg and reinsatlling grub to /dev/sda? Everything is being "seen," but you've no bootloader present in the MBR.
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    Re: How Do They Do It?

    Saw this on PBS, or maybe Modern Marvels a few years ago. Something to do with barcodes and RF scanners. These scanners are placed at intervals along the track and when a train passes by, the scanner...
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    Re: What is your favorite computer/video game?

    Currently it is Neverwinter. Hours have been lost so that I may have my limbs whithered! And the Skyrim references are plentiful. Some of the bad guys scream "arrow to the knee!" There are others,...
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    Re: Your thoughts on the new Tablet focus

    Hopefully no way will be needed. It will be preinstalled. The fact that right now you can try it Google devices is a plus. That means there is some cooperation there. As for clear and easy, IDK....
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    Re: Decent KDE 3 or 4 live CD distro

    A KDE Live CD? Using Live CD as a generic term, take a look at Chakra. Its a purely KDE environment, only using QT. GTK apps will run but don't expect stunning visuals with them. A good alternative...
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    Re: Getting the most out of Ubuntu (12.04)

    Ok. Antivirus=NONE. There are companies that make Antivirus programs for Linux. Avast and Comodo, to name a couple. But most of these are geared towards making sure that files you may share with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can I upgrade to a 64 bit version easily?

    Swap broken?:lolflag:
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    Re: Ubuntu 13.10 is unstable

    I have actually seen this on other Linux forums. "Ubuntu wiped my drive after I selected install alongside" or something similar.

    That being said, it shouldn't have wiped your Recovery partition....
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    Re: unable to boot

    Are you able to use a Live system to chroot into your install? From there you can do what you need to do. I'm in no way knowledgeable about LVM and won't pretend to be so I can't offer too much help....
  23. Re: Start problems: Skype vanishes, alt+tab is slow and grouped, etc...

    The open programs in Unity are represented on the launcher with the icon and a real teeny arrow. When I used Unity I ran a dock just so I could quickly see what I had going on. I hid the launcher and...
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    Re: Ubuntu Design: Beating on a Dead Horse

    Just the very fact that you started a thread to discuss the design and appearance validates the color decision. You noticed, how many other people are going to notice it too? How many of those are...
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    Re: Recent Gnome Shell.. very ugly.

    Change is a constant, as is being trolled.
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