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  1. Re: StarCraft 2 Installer froze at "Checking for updates" ... :(

    Hey mate. Yes. I deleted all of my old wine folders as they said in this thread. I am using ubuntu 12.04 32bit. Was using wine 1.4 something now using 1.5
  2. Re: StarCraft 2 Installer froze at "Checking for updates" ... :(

    Sorry for resurrecting the dead. But I have the same problem. Installed the beta 1.5 wine and am still getting this problem. Should I start a new thread? Any ideas?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Error when updating video drivers..

    I am using a older card for sure. It is a Radeon HD 3450.. I am using the drivers that aren't post release now.. Although I am still having trouble getting trine, shadowgrounds, and tfc via steam on...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Error when updating video drivers..

  5. Re: New Game The Cave coming to Linux next week

    Totally buying this! The teaser trailer on the website looks great. Hopefully my video card will play this via steam.. Considering I can't get TF2 to work right now..
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    [ubuntu] Error when updating video drivers..

    Hello all. When I try to install "ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver (post-release updates)" from the "Additional Drivers" menu I get an error telling me to check '/var/log/jockey.log'.. The...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Unity missing volume slider... Boo :(

    Woah! Sorry for the late response. I was not aware anybody responded to this and it is still a issue I would like to fix. Just tried to install 'indicator-sound' package and it is already installed...
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    Re: starcraft 2 issues

    Would you mine running this via terminal and pasting some of the output? I might be able to help if something pops out at me :)
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    Re: Questverse: Anime Space RPG

    EDIT:: Well it looks like your links at the top that I missed already answered most of my questions. Now just wondering about your programming experience before delving into this game :)

  10. [ubuntu] Re: Unity missing volume slider... Boo :(

    >>Bump. Anybody?
  11. Re: Phoronix' "Major Linux Game Port" speculation thread

    Dang. I am so over WoW that I would be a bit dissapointed. It would be great for Linux overall but I think that bringing a top notch newer title to Linux would help just as much.
  12. [ubuntu] Unity missing volume slider... Boo :(

    So lately I've been playing with different DEs.. Last night installed the 'xubuntu-desktop' package and played around in XFCE. Log back into Unity and noticed my volume slider graphic is missing...
  13. Re: Phoronix' "Major Linux Game Port" speculation thread

    As long as its not a FPS I'll be happy :)
  14. Re: Project Eternity campaign pulls in more than $4.1 million

    So did I read right? There is player housing? And is this an mmo or like a traditional single player game?? But if there is housing for players I'm totally sold. Been missing that since Ultima...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 wont install.

    I'm sorry I am a little lost. Are you trying to upgrade an existing install? Or a doing clean install?

    Also for what its worth I have installed Ubuntu many times by downloading the cd iso image...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: All Webcam Broadcasting Sites Crash Upon Use

    Are you getting any errors? Trying running the browser from terminal and post error output? That might help us start somewhere. Not saying I can fix it but can at least gather information from there.
  17. Re: CodeWeavers will release Crossover for free* (Must read)

    I just pledged! :) Helping the cause haha.
  18. Re: CodeWeavers will release Crossover for free* (Must read)

    Very nice! Looks like I will actually be able to give Crossover a try..
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    [SOLVED] Re: Minecraft Terminal java error

    From what I can tell it is looking for which it says should be located in /home/blake/.minecraft/bin/natives/. I could be wrong but I would start with googling that error. I will do the...
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    Re: TEAM FORTRESS 2 Supports Linux!

    Yup! Pretty big boost for linux gaming.. No more using wine for TF2/Steam.. Although I didn't really mind that anyways :)
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    [ubuntu] Re: What's up with Brasero???

    I've used Brasero pretty much exclusively.. Works fine for me. Maybe you could post some of the errors your getting if you run it from terminal?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Where is ".eclipse" folder?

    you can also go to View > .Show Hidden Files
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    [New Game] Re: 3D RTS space game

    I will give the website a looksie.. This game seems right up my alley.. May I ask if the game is going to be for sale or released for free upon completion?
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    Re: Best Music Player

    +1 for Clementine. Tried a couple different music players. Then found Clementine and its the only one I use now.
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    Re: Game for Ubuntu...?

    I'm a big fan of the game Trine. you should look it up. it has a native linux client as well but its not free. well worth the money though.
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