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    [ubuntu] Re: bind9 for hosting website

    In order for your domain to work for the public, once you get your DNS working locally and from another computer on the internet specifying your nameserver (like nertron's nslookup example) you need...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Is this possible with an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installation.

    I did something similar on a Raspberry Pi to effectively boot right into Quake3. Although, at that time all I could find to auto login was a ksh script along with changing the getty. And Quake3 on...
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    Re: Team Fortress 2 Grey screen on launch

    You would likely need more RAM (especially shared for video) and better graphics. I am not familiar with an i2 cpu, but even with i7, 8 GB RAM, and Intel HD 4600 graphics on a laptop, TF2 indicated...
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    Re: Hardware advice needed

    When I bought a gaming laptop last October (which has combo Intel and Nvidia GTX 765M), I specifically got it with Win7 while I could, so I would not have to deal with Win8 UFEI and secure boot. And...
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    Re: minecraft using 100% cpu

    FX 5200 graphics was rather slow in its prime time, which was on a company desktop I got in 2003 and a personal desktop I bought in 2004. I promptly upgraded the video of that 2004 desktop, but also...
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    Re: Minecraft Errors

    If you have not played minecraft in some years, you may need to migrate your account into a mojang account, that will use your e-mail address and password, instead of minecraft username and password....
  7. Re: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit PC hangs intermittently

    If you have not done so, install openssh-server, or more simply install ssh which is a meta package of client (already installed by default) and server. When it hangs see if you can connect to that...
  8. [all variants] Re: Is there a way to get reliable MTP transfer in Trusty?

    MTP never worked properly for me in 12.04 (although, it does work on my 13.10 laptop), so for Android apps I resorted to using AndFTP (which can sftp from the phone), SSHServer (if I want to ssh or...
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    Re: Attempting to install Doom3

    Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit 12.04? If you are running 64-bit you likely need to install ia32-libs to get 32-bit libs, since doom.x86 is 32-bit.

    Newer 64-bit Ubuntu versions have some (but not...
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    Re: question about mounting android

    For example Samsung S3 (currently Android 4.3) USB is MTP (media mode) by default or can be switched to PTP (photo mode). In 12.04 nautilus only shows root directories in phone storage and microSD...
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 13.10: Can't connect to Wifi: Netgear WNA1000M

    So you are able to get to your WiFi working for now using your tethered Samsung phone (without using mobile data)? That is something I did successfully as a test in Windows before, but had not tried...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: TV and Laptop Monitor listed in display but no laptop

    Some hardware info may help someone help you, like possibly someone with similar hardware that has resolved that. Otherwise all you may get is wild guesses if that does not happen with other...
  13. Thread: disk problems

    by efflandt

    [ubuntu] Re: disk problems

    Note that hard drives reserve some space to automatically transparently remap good sectors in place of bad sectors regardless of OS. So if you actually start seeing bad sectors or errors like this,...
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    [all variants] Re: MTP operations fail most of the time

    I had no trouble with MTP in Ubuntu 13.10 USB connected to Samsung S3. Except that I could not open files (image files, etc.) on the phone, I first had to copy them to Linux.

    But because I could...
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    Re: simple library question

    Instead of trying to write a library (which I would not know how to do either), does the game have something to configure the keyboard and have you checked if the joystick button registers in place...
  16. Re: Startup script runs but doesn't work (serial remote control) 12.04

    Since you may not know the environment or $PATH, full paths means "full" paths for everything including files and binaries (programs or commands).

    For example in your very first code block at the...
  17. Re: Any tax prep programs work under Ubuntu?

    They are free, or $12.95 if you have less than simple forms and want them to keep info to make following year easier. State is extra, but many states have their own free...
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    [ubuntu] Re: any way enable new user account

    See "man adduser". You will need to use sudo for adduser command (so it does that as root).
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    [SOLVED] Re: LG tv And hdmi sound

    Are you saying that the same exact laptop and cable that work with one TV do not work for audio your LG TV? I would first look at volume level and audio settings on the TV itself. For example is TV...
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    Re: Minecraft Out of Memory?

    Which Ubuntu version are you running, and is it and whatever java version all 64-bit? Normally 32-bit cannot address more than about 3 GB total including the OS. There are special 32-bit pae kernels...
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    Re: Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi/Kano?

    The Raspberry Pi has an older ARM cpu that will not run Intel like operating systems, so it will not run Ubuntu out of the box. It typically runs a special Debian wheezy version called Raspbian...
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    Re: Xerox Phaser 3010

    If it is a network printer did you configure the printer itself with a static IP? If it gets an automatic IP is is possible that changed? When you gave Ubuntu the IP of the printer did it find a...
  23. [xubuntu] Re: Live linux usb with xubuntu: persitent mode and best installation?

    The live iso on USB is handy for taking Linux with you in your pocket to boot on most any PC. The persistent data can keep timezone and wireless security settings and other programs you install. And...
  24. Re: How do I set environment variables for .sh installation file?

    Didn't notice multiple pages already discussing what I was going to suggest. Although, now that I look back, nobody had suggested using default /tmp if it requires 800 MB (or 200 MB) and / has 5.3 MB...
  25. Re: Poor 3D Performance 13.10 Nvidia mainly Steam and Virtualbox

    If must be something about your configuration or maybe not having proper video drivers (or if it is in a virtualbox). I have run steam games, including TF2 on a 64-bit 13.10 laptop @ 1080p smoothly...
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