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  1. [xubuntu] batch scaning problem. Don't start scanning page 2

    I have xubuntu 12.04 with all updates.
    Also i have an HP Deskjet 1050A. Everything work well, but for speed i want to scan documents from command line.
    For single document work well using...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: obexftp - strange creation time for files

    I found the problem. Is with file itself not with obexftp. I transfer another file and everything work well.
    Anyway, still strange creation date for file transfered on phone with obexftp.
  3. [SOLVED] obexftp - strange creation time for files

    I want to transfer files to my Nokia phone using an USB cable.
    I make necesarly permision in udev and used obexftp. File are transfered to my phone, but strange, modified time is somewhere in year...
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    [xubuntu] wacom button assign to escape key

    I have an wacom bamboo pen tablet. OS is XUbuntu 12.04
    Everything work ok, but i want to change button no 3 to map to esc key
    So i give in command (15 is id for stylus):
    #xsetwacom set 15...
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    [SOLVED] Re: meoncoder -lavcopts unrecognized option

    Thanks, this is my fault!!!
    Work ok, thanks again!!
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    [SOLVED] meoncoder -lavcopts unrecognized option

    I try'it to make some conversion with mencoder. My command is:

    mencoder -ovc lavc -oac lavc -lavcopts vcodec:mpeg4:vqscale=4:aspect=16/9 -ffourcc xvid "in.webm" -o "out.avi"

    But i get error
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    [lubuntu] Re: 11.10, xarchiver crashes

    I think it's a problem with Xarchiver. Here is an bug resolved on some ditro like Fedora.
    Look here:
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    [lubuntu] Re: 11.10, xarchiver crashes

    Same problem with Linux Mint 12 LXDE
    Xarchiver close unexpected when try to drag and drop some files and file-roller freeze my pc.
    I dont't know wich gui for archive it's used in Linux Mint 11...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: some apps don't recognize default browser

    I found a more simply solution for my specific problem.
    Go System->Preferences->Preferred Applications and set Google Chrome as default for Web Browser. now work ok.
    I don't understand why need to...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: some apps don't recognize default browser

    I have same problem with gmail docklet in docky. First, when install open inbox with firefox browser even chrome it's set as default browser. After remove and reinstall no longer works either with...
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    [xfce] strange pixels on screen with xubuntu

    A use latest xubuntu with all updates. I see an strange behavior of my desktop. Some colored pixels remain o desktop. This appear or disspear, depend on activity (close or open windows, resize e.t.c)...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: control CPUFan on HP NX9420 with ubuntu 10.10

    This is output from "sensors"

    temp1: +44.0C (crit = +256.0C)
    temp2: +45.0C (crit = +102.0C)
    temp3: +57.0C (crit = +110.0C) ...
  13. [ubuntu] control CPUFan on HP NX9420 with ubuntu 10.10

    I have installed Ubuntu 10.10 on my HP NX9420. Everything work well, except that my laptop run noisy than in windows.
    I try'it lm-sensors with sensors-detect, but seem that only temperature are...
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