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    [all variants] Re: HOW-TO: Connect Sixaxis to Ubuntu trough bluetooth mode

    Hey I'm having some difficulties...
    running 11.04

    I got everything to work, it's connected (solid light, rumbled when connected) and I have configured the profiles... but I can't seem to get any...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to use Laptop mode tools?

    reading off of laptop mode tools website they say the ubuntu version isn't enabled..

    "If you want to use the latest version of laptop mode tools, you can use the Debian packages, they are...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Install powertop?

    search for it in the synaptics package manager and install it through there

    to run it go to the terminal and type

    sudo powertop
  4. FIXED Broadcom 4353 wifi help on ubuntu 9.04 on my HP Mini 5101

    Hey I've been trying to get wireless on my new HP Mini 5101 netbook for quite a while now...
    i've tried using the b43 / ndiswrapper but nothing has worked thus far and i've been just doing a fresh...
  5. Re: How To: Install and Enable Broadcom Wireless in Ubuntu Jaunty

    past step 8 those commands in the terminal don't work

    'FATAL: Module wl not found.'

    been trying to get wireless foreverrrrrrrrrrr =[
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