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    [ubuntu] Re: Should I install Ubuntu 14.04 Now?

    :-({|=Ubuntu 14.04 was thee most combative linux os yet, can not run shell scripts from the desktop, krusader suffered locked config files and no cure in site from the developer.
    have to run as root...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Installation of 12.04 stopped by missing Broadcom driver
    This is for those who like a visual hands on demo of a quick driver load without the ndis wrapper Bovine Sovereinity.
    This worked like a champ...
  3. Re: New Configuration of USB Flash Drives

    I guess there is a Home Biz opertunity here to buy T-Drives that are bootable from 3rd world countries and re-sell them here in the states. Figures Only in America. I blame the hardware companies for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: I made a right mess

    I am a photographer, not a computer person, so I need a lot of help, step by step.
    My set up was Ubuntu 10.10 "Mavrick" for uploading photo's + a wee bit of gimp "resize down some photo's"
    xp to...
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Pro/Wireless 3945 ABG Ubuntu 10.10 Wireless not working

    ----In refrence to: Masking Pin 13

    If this does not work for you, you could try masking off pin 13; sellotape is ideal for this. To find pin 13, hold the card so that the pins, (contacts) are...
  6. [SOLVED] Usenet Posting GUI Not just another Command line lesson!!

    Older Linux pop-cultist mindsets are not going to appreciate my attitude on this.
    GUI for usenet posting binaries is now a success.!!!!

    Being the social type that I am, I can't help but notice...
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    Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    JbinUP has some qwerky demands on JAVA 2.6 from SUN.
    Witch in my case may send Openshot video editor and other proggys to the sharts.
    This is what happens when one depends on "other" peoples work...
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    Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    Seems as though the linux community really needs a website possible commercial that does all of the intricate manipulations to a binary file attachment needed in order to post to usenet.
    It would...
  9. Re: A better newsgroup reader/ binary downloader

    I second that motion I just posted a vent-off on the linux communities ignorance to the void of a good news group down AND up-loader/ Reader witch means internal code written to manage yEnc...
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    Re: You know you're a geek when........

    You try to upload a binary to the usenet with linux and actually succeed.
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    Re: HOWTO: post to usenet with Ubuntu

    Good God!! they need a GUI for this. I have waisted 4 nights sluthing the forums and google and DuckDuckGo searches and seams as though Linux is a total failure with usenet posting/reading file split...
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    Re: Anyone using OpenNIC?

    [QUOTE=alexan;10500618]is possible to have a single command that set&force the openNIC dns?
    for example:

    What a horror show ths opennic is,
    Here s what...
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    Re: Why is this so unpopular?

    IT's NOT unpopular at all, most want more of it though.

    They already have it in a way it's called Freenet / Darknet underground software
    Go here:

    It's an extreme...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem Install Cinepaint

    lkraemer Why couldn't all the other people that paste the command lines do as good a job as you did, At least your addition of the term make clean witch was NOT included in all the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem Install Cinepaint

    Just like all the other links people post out here the link is dead, the project personnel emptied the contents , I swear this whole thing is all blab and no produce. If the big mongers of cyberland...
  16. [other] Re: Media player that can display videos frame-by-frame?

    As useful as mencoder/mplayer are the command line stuff can get on your nerves. I go over paranormal investigation files , but before I put them into a heavy duty program, I give...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu only working when plugging my external HDD in.

    I did the same thing but only on purpose rather then by accident, When I put the external usb SATA drive in the laptop main internal drive "C".
    I simply ran the setup disk and chose "Rescue Broken...
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    Re: Why do you choose Ubuntu over Windows

    This is a no brainer.
    Being a network technician/sysop, for a small school I have been watching Microsoft
    operating systems circling the drain for the past three new OS's that they attempted to...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATIBILITY List.

    Please Only List
    1)Version Of Ubuntu= Ubuntu studio 11.10 oneiric
    2)Laptop Maker= Dell Latitude|d620
    3)Laptop Model= Latitude|D620 Centrino Duo

    This setup ran perfect Out Of Box experience....
  20. Re: HOWTO: Enable your Wacom Intous/Graphire Tablet with Pressure Sensitivity

    Kudos to you man, I've been at it all night break and fix crash and burn compiling drivers and YOUR suggestions are the ones that fired it up. Especialy the gimp input settings...
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    Re: Mencoder front end

    :( I just tried stinthgunt and it's a magor fail, due to the fact you can't import .jpg's from a folder and compile them to a movie. BUT you can do this with the the command line;

    [ffmpeg -r 30...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Change multiple files names

    PURRR doesn't work in most cases, the problem is an arbitrary character in the middle of the file name in my case it's 00_00001.jpg through 350 pics.
    Trying to remove the character "_" is...
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    Re: If you could access only one website...

    I gotcha all!!!!
    From there you can go anywhere.
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Best Long Range USB Wireless Adapter for 9.04

    I can’t help myself when I hear about “RANGE” concerns.

    Allot of people are in here working their butts off trying to make the Alfa
    AWUS0&&H Wifi dongles work. And I admit if your...
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