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  1. Re: HOWTO: Make a launcher restore an open window (dock-like)

    I've been happily using this for some time but it doesn't seem to want to work with Firefox/Iceweasel 3

    It does focus the window but then always opens a new instance as well.
  2. Re: HOWTO: Make a launcher restore an open window (dock-like)

    I've been using this method for quite a while and it generally works very well but I'm having trouble getting it to work with VirtualBox when using startup parameters to launch with a particular...
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    Re: HOWTO: CPU Frequency Scaling w/ Kernel Module

    I followed all the instructions and got no errors anywhere.
    I tried setting everything to ondemand for both cpu0 and cpu1 and and according to boot messages, cpu frequency scaling was set to...
  4. Re: HOWTO: Make a launcher restore an open window (dock-like)

    I have been trawling the net trying to find a way to do this (in particular with firefox cos it always launches a new instance/window).

    I haven't read through the whole thread yet but I have tried...
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    Re: Moblock (peerguardian linux alternative)

    I have just installed the 64-bit version of moblock and followed the guide in the first post and it appears to be running ok (logs show it is blocking things at least).
    I have one question though.
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    Re: 32-Bit Chroot How-To

    You just need to delete the chroot directory you used but VERY IMPORTANT! Unmount everything first or it will delete the stuff that is mounted in it, such as your home directory.
  7. Re: HOWTO : install beryl from AWESOME SVN repository

    Hi, I'm shame, maintainer of the repos mentioned in the guide.
    Of course evryone is free to do whatever they want but here is my official word on the subject:...
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    Re: How can I colourise industrial?

    Yeah, I tried changing it but I had trouble working out which line was to do with which part of the theme.
    Thanks for the Industrial-Human though, it's just right. I only needed to change the brown...
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    How can I colourise industrial?

    I want to find an industrial theme with the dapper human colour scheme or even edit the theme myself but my attempts so far, using .gtkrc-2.0 have been really crap looking, I just can't really get...
  10. Re: aMSN 0.95 (+Anti-aliasing+Skins+Plugins) without compiling

    I'm having trouble with webcam on this version of amsn.
    I have 2 webcams but when I go to settings I get "Error opening device" on both of them.
    I've tried connecting just one in case of conflict...
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    Re: Any wallpaper as delicious as this?

    I've only ever used gimp for resizing images, modifying the odd wallpaper and for the red-eye removal plugin.
    I'm just starting to experiment a bit lately but I'm not much good.
    I'll give it a go...
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    Any wallpaper as delicious as this?

    I'm looking for a wallpaper for my ubuntu desktop in the style of the Galaxy chocolate bar wrapper as it's the best chocolate in the world and the colour matches quite nicely with the human theme....
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    Re: HOWTO - BT Voyager 105

    I'm not sure about the niceness error but I would run sudo eciadsl-doctor before you do anything else and post back with any errors.
    I'm having problems with eciadsl and certain kernels at the...
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    Re: HOWTO - BT Voyager 105

    Just type it on the first line of the empty box but I've never needed to do the dabusb on ubuntu so you can probably forget that bit.
    You need to run eciadsl-config-tk and in fact any "eciadsl-"...
  15. Re: Interesting memory usage comparison between Gnome, KDE, and Blackbox

    Try using top in a terminal. I get much, much higher readings. And fluxbox uses more than gnome on my comp.
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    Re: Howto: Backup and restore your system!

    Hope someone can help me here.
    I've used this method to do backup/restore many, many times. Not just with ubuntu but with all other distros I've used and I've never EVER had a single problem......
  17. Poll: Re: Epiphany or Firefox default browser for Dapper?

    Epiphany is ok but I always find myself trying to do things that I'm used to with firefox
    and failing.
    At the moment I find firefox to be a bit clunky and slow, and I don't have many extensions...
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    Re: OpenSuSE 10.0; Opinions and Views

    Suse is excellent, especially when using apt4suse. Hope it's still going to be available in 10.1
  19. Poll: Re: Epiphany or Firefox default browser for Dapper?

    Gosh I haven't looked at this thread for ages. Is it my imagination or is Epiphany actually starting to catch up?
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