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    [ubuntu] Re: Need some suggestions on OS for eee pc

    I have a Eee PC 900HA. I tried Easy Peasy back when it was Ubuntu Eee. Long story sucked

    Now, I've been running Eeebuntu and I must say It's my favorite Ubuntu derived distro. I've had...
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    Re: Where i find 1200 x 800 wallpapers?

    I like the ones on here much more than the ones on INTERFACELIFT
  3. [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] No Webcam Intrepid - Suyin Corp. Compaq c700 series

    I finally found it by browsing though launchpad bugs. I hope this bug gets fixed soon.
  4. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] No Webcam Intrepid - Suyin Corp. Compaq c700 series

    I finished a clean install from DVD (previous install was from CD and wasnt reading CDs). I installed Skype so I could videochat with my family. I get video, just not the video you'd want.

    I'm on...
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    [ubuntu] Re: New to ubuntu with wireless problems

    Okay bro...go to this website and follow the instructions.

    Atheros on Ubuntu 8.10 (Ultimate Edition 2.0)

    My problem is that everytime I boot I have to do the same effin thing to get the...
  6. [all variants] Re: tired of wireless problems with atheros Atheros AR242x

    dudes! take it easy... get on ethernet

    Note: You should be on 8.10 Intrepid Ibex:
    what you need to do is the following...go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.

    When it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cannot Install Ubuntu On Acer Aspire One

    I recently purchased my Aspire One (still waiting for the mailman). However, I see that this thread is rather old and I wanted to know what things are supported out of the box in Ubuntu 8.10?
  8. [xubuntu] Re: acer aspire one, recent update broke wireless

    I just bought my Acer Aspire One and Im wondering if the issue is resolved by installing 8.10 on this little baby? Since I know that Ubuntu 8.10 currently supports this wireless card Out of The Box...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    Ubuntu has become my portable distro of choice. Its on my laptop and do not intend to go back to Windows until Microsoft starts giving it away for free. However, I love OS X and I dont care what any...
  10. Re: Atheros 5007 Wifi Chipset Hardy (8.04LTS) Install

    Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex currently supports this card. Hooray!:popcorn:
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    [all variants] Re: Comprehensive ndiswrapper troubleshooting guide

    I tried the ndiswrapper in 8.04 - 64 bit...dead end!

    I want 8.10 to come out to see if it works out of the box. Vista is awful. Right now Im on Mandriva. However, I hate KDE 4 and Im too lazy to...
  12. Re: Atheros 5007 Wifi Chipset Hardy (8.04LTS) Install

    So youre saying that I should try Ubuntu 8.10?

    Right now, Im on Mandriva 2009. Its a good distro, but Ubuntu was always my first love. And you know how it is.

    Okay, its settled. Im going to...
  13. Re: Atheros 5007 Wifi Chipset Hardy (8.04LTS) Install

    Whats funny is that PC-BSD 7 is fully supporting this card out of the box. The bad thing is that PC-BSD is still very much unstable and hard to use, with KDE 4 and all.

    I want to know for sure if...
  14. Re: Atheros 5007 Wifi Chipset Hardy (8.04LTS) Install

    Like contacting Compaq will help!?!
    Compaq doesn't even offer support for Windows XP. Now what would make you think they'd offer support on this. I think I'll let Atheros know a piece of my mind!...
  15. [other] Re: Choice distro for Atheros AR5007 wireless

    Yeah! I have Ubuntu, and after one month of non-stop tutorials and how-to's, it still doesn't work. I can manage to switch distros whenever, I just need to solve this problem by getting whatever...
  16. Re: Atheros 5007 Wifi Chipset Hardy (8.04LTS) Install

    Reinstalled 32bit Ubuntu...nothing is working.
  17. Poll: Re: How To:MadWifi Support for AR2425 (AR5007EG) on 64bit Ubuntu !!!

    After two weeks with Ubuntu, two fresh installs I did manage to install it in one try. However, on the Network Manager, no Wireless Networks seem to appear?! Did I miss something or did I screw...
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    Poll: Re: What is your age and what do you use ubuntu for?

    I'm 22 and I use Ubuntu for whatever is on my mind in that exact moment.:KS
  19. Re: Atheros 5007 Wifi Chipset Hardy (8.04LTS) Install

    Update: I have wiped out my Ubuntu and reinstalled the 64 bit version. I need detailed instructions so I don't go around in circles. Should I use the one Jeff sent in or the one at the beginning of...
  20. Re: Atheros 5007 Wifi Chipset Hardy (8.04LTS) Install

    I typed lower case in all my terminal needs...\\:D/
  21. Re: Atheros 5007 Wifi Chipset Hardy (8.04LTS) Install

    hey guys...I'm running 32 bit Ubuntu on a Compaq Presario c700 (c776nr, to be exact) and I follow the steps on the 32 bit config but I'm stuck at the "Sudo Make" command. It says there is no...
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    Re: NeW desktop pc

    Check out your local retailers. I bought a Compaq Presario Intel Dual Core 1.8GHz, 3GB RAM, Intel X3100 Video Chipset, DVDRW, 160GB HDD, Card Reader, Atheros card, Nice Altec Lansing speakers, the...
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    Re: NeW desktop pc

    Why dont you try System 76. They have computers with Ubuntu preinstalled for about that price.
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