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    [ubuntu] enable SSL in existing Squid proxy

    Is it possible to enable SSL in an existing Squid proxy installation?

    The proxy has already been installed and set up as a company proxy, so reinstalling it is a last resort.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Sound only works in one program at a time since upgrade to 8.04

    Tried this and it tidied up the errors given by winecfg, but hasn't worked. Winecfg now only gives:
    fixme:spoolsv:serv_main (0 (nil))
    ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:874:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open...
  3. [ubuntu] Sound only works in one program at a time since upgrade to 8.04

    As the title says, since I upgraded to 8.04 last night, sound only works in the first program I open.

    For example, if I open Kaffeine, I will not have any sound in Wine until I close Kaffeine.
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    Re: Photoshop CS2 with WINE?

    Tested CS2 last night and it was working fine
  5. Poll: Re: Share with the community your gutsy install/upgrade experience

    Decided to go for 64bit gusty on a new partition (kept 32bit feisty just in case). Install went smoothly, but I have no sound, flash player freezes up after about 8-12 secs and dual screen doesn't...
  6. Re: Howto: WOW with Wine (

    Having only just converted to Linux, I'm still very new to all this. Managed to get WoW working fairly quickly but I seem to be able to either have sound but no voice chat (with oss) or voice chat...
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