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    [ubuntu] Getting an error while Ubuntu is starting

    I get this error every time I start the computer on loading ubuntu:
    error: mismatch in adjustment_mode.flags [expected 2, found 0]
    There is also some prefix before it, but the error is displayed...
  2. Thread: help

    by Oinos

    [ubuntu] .

  3. [ubuntu] Re: How to make this trick to type accents work?

    Never mind, it works, it's just that I didn't notice or something. However, there are two issues:
    1) Somewhere along the way, this functionality got lost:

    Do you know how to restore it?

    2) The...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: How to make this trick to type accents work?

    Thank you for the help. However I'm having problems with making it work. At best, when I enter the combination, nothing happens, but more often it just enters the second letter of it, e.g. if it is ...
  5. [ubuntu] Installed flash, but with menus unresponsive

    So I installed flash player using this command: $ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree
    And everything was fine, but when I needed to confirm a site to use my mic, the menu it showed was not...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: How to make this trick to type accents work?

    I typed in the commands in what appeared to be a console (got that after presing alt when in main screen), but apparently nothing happened. :(
    Then I tried changing the file itself, which seems is...
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    [ubuntu] Making sense out of the battery indication

    I'm having trouble what does battery indication at the top right of the screen exactly show. I've made it to show both the time and the percentage in the menu bar.

    When the battery is fully...
  8. [ubuntu] How to make this trick to type accents work?

    Hi there. I just moved to ubuntu 13.10 and am completely new to everything linux.

    Now I figured out the compose key stuff. The thing is, I find many of the sequences unintuitive to me ( ;a gives ą...
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