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    [ubuntu] Re: Not able to use Tkinter

    sudo apt-get install python-tk

    Notice that it explicitly instructs you to install python-tk in the error message. ;)
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    [ubuntu] Re: Infinite directory loop

    When a support issue is finished. Please set the thread category to "solved" in the edit menu.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Patch my kernel?

    Open a terminal window:

    Change directories to the one that your source files are in:

    cd /path/to/your/directoryFor example, for Music it would be:

    cd /home/myusername/MusicOR
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    Re: Multiple Operating Systems.

    There once was a user that whined...
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    Re: I don't want magazines to end. :(

    This this and this. The potential impact on the distribution of information scares me greatly.

    Well, the energy expenditure only exists while you have the device on. So technically the energy...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Force password?

    man chpasswd

    Good luck.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Getting all the IDEs I need for Ubuntu and other questions

    It did.

    For Java theres eclipse.

    For C# theres mono.

    sudo apt-get install 'apache2' 'mysql-server' 'php5-cli'
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    [SOLVED] Re: Resolution in Wubi

    Towards this end you might want to try pasting the output from typing:



  9. Re: Why do people over promise but under deliver?

    You know. I promised someone a long time ago that I'd add articles to the Ubuntu wiki. I should really go do that.
  10. [SOLVED] Re: wireless not connecting: Realtek/Ubuntu 11.10/Toshiba Satellite L755-S5214

    Great. Can you please change the category of the thread from [ubuntu] to [SOLVED]?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Security with mixed OS's


    Theres a few ways to determine this. You can look up the ports your application uses with a search engine. Or turn them all on and port scan yourself. I remember there being a trick...
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    [other] Re: How effective is AV on ANY system?

    Once you're rooted the game is over. So even an effective AV can only tell you that your rooted or that the package you are about to install is malware. Short of offsite backups with a checksum to...
  13. Re: p0rnview - Software Centre NEEDS some form of governance

    Absolutely. Right on the mark if you ask me. If the algorithms can be this off, then it makes sense to say that they shouldn't be trusted with the Ubuntu branding. Thats just common sense.
  14. Re: p0rnview - Software Centre NEEDS some form of governance

    It's pretty scary what machine learning based recommendation engines give you sometimes. It's like the "Tivo thinks I'm gay" issue applied to the whole web. Nowhere is this more awkward than when it...
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    Re: I need a program to open a .vcf file!!

    Because if you post in an old thread most of the people in the discussion are likely no longer present.

    Regardless, the "Human readable == Useless" comment was so out of line with *nix philosophy...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: What is the BEST (Strongest) Firewall?

    Considering that if you mess this up, the lawsuits can and will follow. (And make no mistake, it is easy to mess any one of these things up.) I would personally echo the recommendation of paypal or...
  17. Re: Are you dual-booting with Ubuntu and Windows or using just one?

    Just Ubuntu.

    At this point I'm convinced of Debian's motto. (The universal operating system.)

    Great client, Great server, works on a wide range of (even ancient) hardware.
  18. [ubuntu] Re: My Ubuntu's been Hacked - please advise

    I never did comment on your specific case. I agree with this. The chances that you received an attack like my theoretical approach are slim and none.
  19. [ubuntu] Re: My Ubuntu's been Hacked - please advise

    Of course, most windows users use the administrator account. Meaning that write privileges imply write privileges to the system files. One could install an EXT driver from an ftp server and proceed...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: My Ubuntu's been Hacked - please advise

    Not necessarily, you can mount unencrypted partitions belonging to one OS from the other. This lets you write to these partitions with impunity, these partitions usually include system files.

  21. Re: USB Wifi Adapter that works out of box.

    EDIT: Oh, you said it at the end.

    Well, I know that my USB wireless adapter works. (Linksys WUSB100 ver.2) And since I've never used it on this machine that I can remember, I'm assuming that the...
  22. Re: USB Wifi Adapter that works out of box.

    For which version of Ubuntu? Theres been quite a few devices added since 10.04.

    My wireless adapter that didn't work in 10.04 is now supported.
  23. Re: Windows 8 lets microsoft remove data without your consent

    Not exactly.
  24. Re: Windows 8 lets microsoft remove data without your consent

    Exactly. It's not a "tech" sin. After all, any time you update your system your essentially handing your distro provider the keys.

    It's more a social one, to sell a product and then put "blanket...
  25. Re: Windows 8 lets microsoft remove data without your consent

    It doesn't matter what step 2 (Or 3 for that matter) is. The fact that step one is happening is enough for it to be alarming. If they include this in the terms, and never use it, that still doesn't...
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