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  1. [ubuntu] Redirecting a url pattern to a location in Apache2 on Ubuntu

    I am hoping that this is an easy question for those who know.

    I want to set a url to redirect to a location without having to include the trailing slash. For example if I have the domain...
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    [ubuntu] APR Location for Tomcat Native

    I am trying to install the tomcat native connector to intergrate Tomcat into Apache. Both Apache and Tomcat are installed and run fine. The problem is that I have to supply a locaton to the APR...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Error when trying to start Apache James on Ubuntu 8.04 Server

    I have been looking into the problem further including the source code where the problem is occuring as well as some other experiments. What I have noted is that the startup process gets a lot...
  4. [ubuntu] Error when trying to start Apache James on Ubuntu 8.04 Server

    I am having the following error when I try and start Apache James on my Ubuntu Server:

  5. [ubuntu] DVI support for Ferarri F-19 Monitor on GeForce 9800

    My Ubuntu installation is running the display in a mode which my Acer Ferrari F-19 Monitor does not like. Athough I do have a display I get a box in the middle of my screen saying "Input Not Support"...
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