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  1. Re: Spamming other servers virus via apache, how did it get in, and how to get it out

    you might want to do a web search for 'file inclusion vulnerability' which might show you how it works, and how you might fix that problem if thats what you have.
  2. Re: Spamming other servers virus via apache, how did it get in, and how to get it out

    just because there is no changed files between your backup and current website, doesn't necessarily mean the problem absolutely is outside of /var/www, but it probably is. I would think XSS and CSRF...
  3. Re: Spamming other servers virus via apache, how did it get in, and how to get it out

    if you have a backup of your site, you can run a diif of your current site and the backup to see what is different (possibly if the problem is at the application layer)
    $ diff -u -r...
  4. Re: Spamming other servers virus via apache, how did it get in, and how to get it out

    I know the Ubuntu server well enough but I've never used it as a vps before. If you can add a crontab entry, you might consider adding

    $ sudo crontab -e

    Then add

    x y * * * apt-get...
  5. Re: Spamming other servers virus via apache, how did it get in, and how to get it out

    are you running any kind of a preconfigured website on your web server (wordpress, joomla, etc)? have you been diligent with updates for the server? my advice, backup && reformat && reinstall.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Is someone successfully breaking in to my SSH server?

    logic would dictate that you should not only check the security of the server, but also the security of the client machine that has valid rsa keys to access the server.
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    Re: Is aa-genprof broken?

    OK, so after looking into this a little bit more, I found that someone has submitted a bug in launchpad for this problem

    logparser doesn't...
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    Re: BackDoor Intrusion

    If its feasible for you to do, you might consider changing you email address also. If your email address is being forged, it might make it harder for someone to impersonate you (unless they can get...
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    Re: Is aa-genprof broken?

    I was noticing today that it seems to not be working right, and then I saw your post. if you run
    $ sudo apparmor_status are you seeing a bunch of "//null-xxx" entries?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Worried about rootkit hunter results

    is this the user that you log in with? You should usually not be running as root as a normal user.
  11. Re: How to maintain a list of blocked IPs using ufw

    ufw is using iptables to do everything. iptables has an extension called "recent" which handles reading a list of ip addresses you might just be able to use. (i think this is what your talking about...
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    [lubuntu] Re: modern security standards in gmail?

    Maybe its time we stop supporting google in general? Get rid of gmail.
  13. Thread: Rooting Andriod

    by fugu2

    Rooting Andriod

    I'm reading on how to root an android phone exclusively from Ubuntu, and I came across a program called psneuter.c that I found on I don't know if its valid or not, I haven't tried...
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    Re: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS unstable

    I would have to say that YOU NEVER SHOULD RUN
    chmod -r 777 * from your rc.local script file. It opens all permissions to every file and directory contained within the current working directory,...
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    Re: [SOLVED][iptables] Blocked by a rule

    Yeah, IMHO, iptables-save is way more informative the iptables -L for debugging.
    Also, when debugging your own firewall using the -j LOG feature without the -m limit maybe more helpful to you until...
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    Re: [iptables] Blocked by a rule

    If your willing to show a more detailed output of your firewall settings, can you run
    $ sudo iptables-save This will probably help you see what is really going on with your firewall.
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    Re: AM3+ processor with Socket 941 Mobo

    Alrighty then. Thank you for your help. I'm probably going to just look at buying a barebone system with newer processor/mobo combo.
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    AM3+ processor with Socket 941 Mobo

    Does anyone know if I can buy a replacement processor that is an AMD AM3+ and cram it into a socket 941 motherboard and have it still work? looking to fix an older computer and I'm just trying to...
  19. Re: how to find strongly hidden backdoor & rootkit & port

    any action you take from a compromised machine can be subverted. If you think this backdoor is being remotely accessed, then I suggest using a 2nd "clean" computer to sniff data traveling to/from the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ransomeware, browser hijack

    FYI, it has been my experience that many AV's simply don't work as well as we would like them too. As an example I did a web search for "keylogger" and found some old c code that had a functioning...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Have I been hacked?

    You really don't even need a duel boot if you have a spare usb drive lying around. Download your OS's *.iso file from,
    sudo apt-get install unetbootin to install unetbootin. Run...
  22. CVE-2014-7208 G-Parted

    Usually there is an update with these things, but I don't see anything. Nothing in the change log either. Anyone have any input? Currently on 12.04 i have gparted 0.11.0-2
  23. [lubuntu] Re: Save and record certain user groups for computer securit.

    Geez, what did yout "friend" do?
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    Re: For which users can I disable shell access

    A possible way to test which ones you can change might be to install VirtualBox and run a guest VM of the version of Ubuntu you have, create a snapshot after the install of the vm, and make your...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Connecting to multiple SSH servers using the same SSH client

    Each computer (both client and server) need separate public/private key pairs. The above statement is referring to only the client's key pair only.
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