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  1. Thread: grub error 15

    by bth73

    grub error 15

    Just ran rescatux again after posting this, and did not fix, instead of grub 15 error, it got past that and then gave me "the disk drive for /windows/c is not ready yet or is not present - press s to...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: The disk drive for /media/sda2 is not ready yet or not present

    I too have this problem. NO windows, no dual boot, happened after replacing pata dvd with sata dvd.
    Nothing I try works. Tried all links. fstab not saving changes.
    Hasn't been a good linux distro...
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    Poll: Re: What kind of portable audio player do you have?

    DMC XCLEF 80gb. Bought 30 days after it first came out sometime in 2004 I think. Toshiba hd finally going bad after about 45000 hours. I was able to pull the system files off and transferred to...
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    Re: News for Mint fans

    I started with a paid version of suse 8.2. Not quite easy to use as windows ME. Finally paid for XP pro and it wouldn't work for more than a few hours before the blue screen. Then a Best Buy salesman...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How can I pipe all sound through a limiter?

    guitar center sells limiters for a little over $100. they work a little but it's analog. I can't understand why all these genius programmers can't write a program to fix the volume of all input...
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    Re: VEDICS Speech Assistant

    I've just finished installing, and it is hearing wrong? I say "scroll up", and it thinks I said "view".
    What is wrong and how to fix please?
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 not booting after using PySDM adjustments to 2nd HDd

    I have similar problem. See user bth73 post.

    This thread not solved.
  8. [ubuntu] no boot after storage device manager install and action

    Installed storage device manager and activated sdb1 1.5tb hard drive to mount at boot up as per:( ) , Now no boot up. crash report...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: single click mistakenly registers as a double click

    wish they would leave things that work alone, now they changed the mouse menu and there's no option for a single click, I haven't experienced the auto double click yet, but maybe it might take the...
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    [ubuntu] single mouse click option

    mouse menu different in 10.10, is there a way to make the mouse single click instead of double click?

    thanks, bt
  11. [SOLVED] 10.10 horrable firefox skin - how do i change it?

    Can not stand new firefox skin - can't remember how to change it fast enough
    please help - it's making me even more crazyer than I allready am.
    thanks, bt
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    [ubuntu] Re: dvdrip crashes during ripping

    all that is ok. does it on every disk I've tried so far. Rar is newer but optional.
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    [ubuntu] dvdrip crashes during ripping

    Since 10.04, dvdrip will not finish ripping without crashing on multi episode disk.
    Reopened dvdrip to copy log files (below) and only part of log remains, but now transcode is available where...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: last update screwed my menu, deleted volume control

    nevermind I found it. I didn't understand that the vol control was a part of the "indicator applet". Should be labeled/ named different.
  15. [ubuntu] Re: last update screwed my menu, deleted volume control

    The applet is there but has no vol control
  16. [ubuntu] Re: last update screwed my menu, deleted volume control

    What I said was "it is not there". There is no vol control in the "add to panel.
    The update from two days ago killed it.
    It also totally rearranged the menu.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: last update screwed my menu, deleted volume control

    what is the Indicator Applet and how do I access it?
  18. [ubuntu] last update screwed my menu, deleted volume control

    There is no volume control in my menu "add to panel" to replace the one deleted by the update. Why do updates break my system?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Live cd root password

    thanks, hope it works, getting in/out errors when I try to move folders, but I can move individual, or groups of files.
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    [ubuntu] Live cd root password

    Is there a password for root log in?
    I can't copy and move files to other hard drives from the live cd.
    I've searched for 45min now and find nothing
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    [gnome] permissions in the way

    Long story, here's the condensed version: 8.04x64 ultimate up-graded three times to 10.04, worked mostly but got real slow and crashed hard saying bad sectors and such. fixed repeatedly with suse11.1...
  22. [all variants] acidrip riping multiple episodes all at once

    Anybody know if or how-to rip multi-episodes in acidrip?
    All the info is there, but acidrip just overwrites to the same file.
    I thought I found an answer to this about a year or two ago, but now I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade and Drives won't mount

    just burnt a dvd and then got the same error message about the burnt dvd and it has locked up - message won't close. auto fdisk ran last night and burn to disk option came back but error stays.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade and Drives won't mount

    I think my problem is related. My 1tb hd is nowhere in sight and I was going to copy a cd with linux on it and I get the same error:

    Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 1: helper failed...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Google earth gone

    THANKS wojox, working again. even picked up the address folder so all my addresses are still there.
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