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  1. [SOLVED] GEdit - PhpBeautifier & Php Syntax Check Wasnt Working

    After upgrading (clean install) to 14.04

    I couldnt get PHP Beautifier, or php -l to work on the command line or inside of gedit.

    To make it work I changed

    display_errors = on (This was...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Touchpad not working after update to 12.04 (DELL Latitude E5520)

    Gateway Netbook -- was having the same problem. Enabling the touchpad by pressing Function F6 (enable touchpad) during / after bios screen allowed Ubuntu to see the device.

    It has only failed...
  3. LIRC Remote Codes For Magnavox N9373UD Remote / TB110MW9 DTV Converter

    These have been emailed to but wanted to list them here in case anyone is looking for them.

    Using these digital to analog converter boxes is a great way to put...
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    [ubuntu] Re: edit grub2 menu

    This method is easy to do, easy to reverse, easy to understand, and works as expected. It gives the user more control instead of some grub script, just like the menu.lst did. Good Work!
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Can't use wireless network on HP G50 laptop - Ubuntu 8.10

    For ubuntu HARDY 8.04 this is what to use

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-hardy
  6. [all variants] Re: How do I save network streaming audio to a file, in a usable format? (mp3 or wav)

    You can use the http url of some streams using mplayer if you cannot get it to connect use wget and look at the contents of the downloaded file, There is usually a usable url in the file

    Then use...
  7. Re: The ubuntu and linux is a lie

    Perhaps if it was a little easier to edit or add to the list.

    I wonder if a small applet that generated a list for the end user would be helpful. Something that had checkboxes to check if the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: tovid's makemenu and makexml missing?

    Even if it's not a bug but you want them in /usr/bin then you can create symlinks

    sudo ln -s /usr/share/tovid/makemenu /usr/bin/makemenu
    sudo ln -s /usr/share/tovid/makexml /usr/bin/makexml...
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    [ubuntu] Re: graphically edit remote files via SSH

    I use something similar to HermanAB

    ssh -X -C -c blowfish username@server

    once connection is established you can use nautilus to browse, edit files etc...

    just type in nautilus or another...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lost in filesystem

    If you want to know the full path to a binary the command is which

    which pidgin

    the output of the command is

  11. Thread: File Sharing

    by tagra123

    [ubuntu] Re: File Sharing

    One thing I recommend is to set up one PC as the SAMBA server -- let the other computers you have save and read files from this one PC. Why? I have a server set up as the main server for everything....
  12. Re: How can linux/ubuntu be made the mainstream OS ??

    Double Posted?
  13. Re: How can linux/ubuntu be made the mainstream OS ??

    Not going to repeat good points mentioned above.

    One thing that could help attitudes is for programs to backwards compatible. For instance I used a few programs that backward compatibility was not...
  14. Thread: Loud fan

    by tagra123

    [ubuntu] Re: Loud fan

    DIY for the do it yourselfer.

    I've quieted a several fans using graphite powder (for locks) and a drop of sewing machine oil.

    Pretty simple. Pull the sticker off the fan inside there is...
  15. Re: There is a simple tweak to speed up mythweb!

    You are welcome. It was too good of an improvement to not share.
  16. Re: There is a simple tweak to speed up mythweb!

    I have take your advice and filed a bug report

    It is here:
  17. [all variants] Re: Here's a way to make Firefox-3.0 more stable.

    I was aware of this and had already tried firefox 3 using zilla. It didn't work right either. When installed with ubuntuzilla I believe it uses the default plugins that the synaptic version was...
  18. Re: There is a simple tweak to speed up mythweb!

    Not sure it's a bug, but if you tell me where to list this I'll be glad to do it -- or you are welcome to too.

    I do think most mythweb users would welcome this as default behavior.
  19. Make mythweb faster -- speed it up using apache

    I have several recording and a few hundred channels mythweb works with. Page load time were too slow for my taste so I did some googling.

    Loading mythweb listing page was taking about 45 seconds...
  20. [all variants] Re: Here's a way to make Firefox-3.0 more stable.

    Thanks asyiu.

    I think there is something conflicting my system generated plugins folder. Not sure what though. I did it this way to see if loading plugins -- one at a time I could find the cause...
  21. Re: The ubuntu and linux is a lie

    until I decided to break away from brands that do not support linux.

    HP Printers work well -- Deskjet 3940 worked out of the box
    HP Laserjet p1005 -- worked but had to use a simple script to...
  22. [all variants] Here's a way to make Firefox-3.0 more stable.

    Firefox version 2 is and has been very stable for me -- been using it in Hardy. I wanted version 3 of firefox to behave the same way.

    I had used ubuntuzilla and firefox's own update utility to...
  23. [all variants] Re: Gparted error working with large drive

    Not an answer -- just some info

    Max Partition Sizes

    You can combine partitions using LVM
  24. [ubuntu] Re: "Root owns my home directory and I cannot change it"


    sudo chown -f -R patrick.patrick /home/patrick

    The -f should make it quiet and not show the error
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    [mythbuntu] Re: getting Myth to work

    fenian's command may work

    I had some permissions trouble when setting mine up too I ended up using phpmyadmin to manually set permission the way I wanted to get it to work.

    Here's a thread...
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