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    [ubuntu] HP DM1Z freezes randomly

    I recently installed 11.10 on my new HP dm1z (using wubi). Most of the conversations about this machine have centered on the wireless drivers or the touchpad, but I can't find anyone (except for one...
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    Re: Same-gnome / Sweel foop

    At the risk of showing my absolute ignorance of these things, I have a question about same-gnome in 11.04. (I'm still running Lucid.)

    Since the desktop interface is new, is it possible that if I...
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    [all variants] Re: Gwibber and Firesheep

    I've bee wondering this too (and I'm a bit disgusted at all the people at another Firesheep thread here who are so eager to get it to work--what possible legitimate purpose can it have?).

    I'd also...
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    Re: Same-gnome / Sweel foop

    Ok, it finally worked for me. Here's how:

    Used Synaptic to uninstall gnome-games, which to my surprise didn't uninstall all the games! (Is that something worth reporting in launchpad--that as a...
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    Re: Same-gnome / Swell foop

    Is there a package out there for the whole gnome-games package from Karmic? Like someone else said, we have to remove gnome-games to install the old Same Gnome, but I want the other games too--but...
  6. [gnome] Re: Help installing same-gnome in Lucid instead of swell-foop

    Quick update: since I wrote this I found this thread where someone also wanted to downgrade to same-gnome. But again, the answer was to install the Karmic package, which I can't figure out how to do...
  7. [gnome] Help installing same-gnome in Lucid instead of swell-foop

    I'm a new-ish Ubuntu user running Lucid on an MSI Wind U100 netbook. I'm trying to install the game same-gnome, the old version of what is now called swell-foop, because 1) there are bugs that make...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 10.04 Swell Foop crashes

    Same thing is happening for me on an MSI Wind U100 netbook running Lucid.

    And what's especially frustrating is that Same Gnome, which Swell Foop replaced, A) is prettier to look at, and B) didn't...
  9. Re: why there are only five games in the new ubuntu (lucid)

    I was also sad to see Same Gnome replaced with the Fell Swoop. I've looked around and tried to find a way to get the same old Same Gnome installed, but I haven't been able to with my ultra newbie...
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