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  1. Re: Microsoft to charge money for more than 2 apps open at once on Windows

    I'll agree that this in itself doesn't eliminate the competition or force anyone to use the OS. What I was seeing as a sort of attack were the software restrictions themselves.

    I cannot claim...
  2. Re: Microsoft to charge money for more than 2 apps open at once on Windows

    Good point. One could definitely call this an attack on these "emerging countries," or perhaps poorer countries. And it's funny, isn't it, that we call these countries 'poor' and we, at least in...
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    Re: February 2009 screenshot thread

    eightmillion, I've got to say that's one of the nicest KDE desktops I've seen, it's getting me considering giving KDE another shot...

    Can you give the details? (wallpaper, icon theme, OS...)
  4. Re: Microsoft to charge money for more than 2 apps open at once on Windows

    Ok, I see where you're coming from, but in the end this is still imposing restrictions. I often don't use more than one or two applications at a time, either, but I like the fact that if I want or...
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    [ubuntu] Re: open office update

    someone posted a similar question earlier if you want to check out the thread:

    The link below is pretty much...
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    [ubuntu] Re: icon-cache update problem

    Hmm, so after a restart every thing's back to normal. I really have to stop making such stupid, hasty cries for help.

    Has anybody found a good way to fix the Places folder aesthetic bug where...
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    [ubuntu] icon-cache update problem


    Trying to fix a bug with the Places folder icons not showing correctly with a particular icon theme I have installed, I foolishly tried a terminal command I found in a post here on the...
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    Re: How offten do you do a fresh install?

    + 1

    I've been having the same question about how to set up a separate home partition and so I just wanted to shout/holler...
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    Re: Grammar police

    I was half expecting to see this one as I was reading through this thread, so I'll share.

    This is primarily a problem you hear, though I guess people must mistakenly write it as well. It drives...
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    Re: Favorite news sites
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    Favorite news sites

    Hello. What are some of your favorite web sites for news? Ideally independent media, no msnbc or reuters... general news and political commentary, not just tech and computer stuff.

    EDIT: Ok,...
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    [ubuntu] installing kde-core... upgrade to 4.2?

    Well my title is essentially what I'd like to clarify. If I install the kde-core package, and having added the kubuntu-experimental repository (deb...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Installing Kubuntu desktop on existing Ubuntu

    Well as I haven't even tried it out yet, I cannot say for certain, but I've seen different wallpapers on different desktops in a video someone posted showing off KDE 4.2's new plasma features. It's...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't change mouse cursor

    Just curious, how do you go about this? Must you type something in under "Command" in the Window Decoration setting of compiz? Will this disable emerald?
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Cursor Themes installation problems - inconsistent application

    If you go into CompizConfig Settings Manager, under General Options, and type in the mouse theme you want to use exactly how it is called in the "Cursor theme" box, that should do it.

    I had a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: disabling shutdown system beep in intrepid

    Ok so I'll reply to myself as I've found a fix, and perhaps this can help someone else, too.

    Apparently unchecking the settings above-mentioned muted a setting in the volume control, which makes...
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    [ubuntu] Re: disabling shutdown system beep in intrepid

    I was also looking to disable the system beep at shut down, so I tried the suggestion to go into sound preferences and untick the "Play alert sound" setting. I think I first unticked "Play alerts...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Changing Cursor

    Also, the cursor theme should normally change on the fly as soon as you select it. If for some reason it doesn't (you select a different cursor and still the default appears) and if you're using...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Odd quirk with user switch applet and shut down

    just one last stubborn bump to this thread in the hopes that someone who has also encountered this problem may know of or might be able to propose a fix.

    I realize it's not a huge loss, but...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Installing Kubuntu desktop on existing Ubuntu

    Hey okay thanks. So 4.2 gets officially released in 8 days.... at that time, if I choose to just install the package kde-core, should that be this latest updated version?
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Installing Kubuntu desktop on existing Ubuntu

    Okay, thank you both for your replies. Just out of curiosity, which programs (if any) does KDE-core install? If it's really not much, I suppose that would be the way to go as I could always pick...
  22. [ubuntu] Installing Kubuntu desktop on existing Ubuntu

    I've been wanting to install Kubuntu for awhile now in order to be able to compare the KDE interface to that of Gnome, and I've read that an easy way to do so is to simply install the Kubuntu desktop...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Odd quirk with user switch applet and shut down

    ... nudge
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Odd quirk with user switch applet and shut down


    ...anyone else have this problem?
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Anyone successful with Fastmail and Evolution?

    Hey, thanks for your reply - I just wanted to see that someone had successfully set it up.

    I kind of forgot about this post...
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