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    [SOLVED] Re: dual booting with windows 8

    I bought a refurbished ASUS K54C w/ Win7. One hardware note: I swapped out the 320gb hard drive for a Crucial M4 solid state drive. Everything is so fast with it.
    I went to ASUS site, upgraded all...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: I quit using Microsoft Corporation products and services tonight

    I'm a computer tech/consultant. Most of my clients use Windows 7, or Windows XP. I suspect that after this month, a number will have Windows 8 on their systems as well. Thus, I am compelled to...
  3. Poll: Re: How many Computers do you have and what OS is on each one ?

    Computers that we use = 6
    Computers recovered/restored for sale/donation = 3
    We have 9 computers total, as follows:
    1) Acer Aspire One AD250-1125 10-inch, 1.6 Intel Atom CPU, 2gb RAM
    OS: dual...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: acer-wmi: unable to detect available WMID devices

    From mike555:
    here is a quick fix. in terminal type ; gksu gedit ,

    then in gedit open /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

    at the bottom type "blacklist acer-wmi" without the quotes.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity and netbook performance

    My unit is an Asus EEE PC 1000HEB. After testing the feel of Ubuntu 11.10, alternating from Unity to Gnome 3, I liked some features, but both hide easy access to apps and folders. Why do I have to...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATIBILITY List.

    1)Ubuntu 11.10
    3)EEE PC 1015PE

    All hardware works. Jumping cursor while typing > Fn+F3 key shortcut disables touchpad while typing to resolve problem.
  7. [ubuntu] Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    Yet nother vote of thanks to KevinP93. Fixed my EEE PC 1000HEB Fn issue.

    In Re:
    Re: How to enable Fn keys on Eee PC 1005HA and 10.04 Lucid Lynx?

    Try these steps.
    1) Open terminal...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install Ubuntu 10.04.2

    It's also possible that that the installation .iso is flawed, or that it didn't transfer intact when you created your live/install USB flash drive. This doesn't happen often, but I've had this...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Intel 2200bg/Ubuntu10.04/Toshiba M45-S359

    It's February 3rd, 2011 so I'm betting that Ubuntu 10.04 is now running your wifi just fine, after nine months of updates.

    I bartered some technical help and network solutions for a friend. He...
  10. Poll: Re: How many Computers do you have and what OS is on each one ?

    Primary OS on all systems, save one, is Ubuntu. Most are dual-boot due to Windows OS requirement for some client software.

    1. Gateway ES4100: Ubuntu 10.10
    2. Gateway ES2200: Ubuntu 10.10
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    Re: Linux vs Netflix

    No Netflix for Ubuntu or any other LINUX based operating system. However, you can buy a ROKU box for $70, connect it to your TV and sound system and enjoy "Watch Instantly" Netflix, as well as...
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    Re: anybody happy with karmic?

    It's mid-February 2010 so many Karmic bugs have been resolved since this thread began in October 2009. I have Karmic installed on two desktops and three laptops. I'm a professional computer...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Battery Life Reduction - eee PC 1000HE

    As I am typing, and ocassionally highlighting my battery monitor, it sometimes reads 4 hours 45 minutes left, and jumps up to 5 hours or more left at times. i've been at my eee pc 1000he since five...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ASUS Eee PC & Ubuntu Karmic.

    As of this writing, I believe that the 10-second boot-up goal is yet to be achieved, but it is being developed for the Ubuntu LTS 10.04 release. LTS is short for "Long Term Support." However, that...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Gnome-do fails to autostart, enters in text mode?

    This fix worked. I unchecked "Start Gnome Do at Login" under the General Tab on Preferences. I then went to System, Preference, Startup Applications and added Gnome Do from /user/bin/gnome do. I...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: Gnome-do fails to autostart, enters in text mode?

    Gnome do starts up okay in Ubuntu Netbook Remix on Acer Aspire One D250-1026 netbook, alas in RAW TEXT mode. I changed the hot key, but it continues to start in Raw Text mode. Oddly enough, when I...
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    Poll: Re: Fully functioning linux laptop?

    HP L2005US Special Edition, Turion 64 1.6ghz, 2 gb RAM, 15.4 WXGA screen, 80Gb HDD, three USB2.0 and one SD card slot, ALSA sound, Synaptics Touchpad. BroadCom BCM4328 wireless

    Gateway E4100...
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    [xubuntu] Re: xubuntu 9.04 broke my wireless

    I have two options to suggest. Connect an ethernet cable and perform an update. Jaunty may recognize your card, but may not have the drivers installed for it. You should see a green Hardware icon...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Random Cursor Jump when Typing!

    Thanks to all on this string for this. My long-term jumping cursor is still.
    I have an HP Special Edition L2005US with an AMD Turion 64 and Synaptics Touchpad. I've been seeking a resolution for...
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