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    Re: Apple, your are worst than MS

    So many people so easily jump on smokers its ridiculous. I am a non-smoker however I loathe any and every anti-smoking law there is cause it just limits people freedom to kill themselves with lung...
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    Re: I am sorry but Vista boots faster than 9.10

    When this happens in a Microsoft OS you guys nail them all day long, but when its on Ubuntu its all apologies.

    Releases can go wrong, if mistakes are to be learned from they have to be...
  3. Poll: Re: Do you think that Canonical shoud alter the release schedule.

    Vocal yes. Minority? Thats just simply denial, the problems are there, confirmed, serious enough to **** people and they occur with very common hardware.
  4. Re: [Linux Magazine] Hey Ubuntu, Stop Making Linux Look Bad

    I expect to have some regressions and things that might need fixing when I am on Arch, but going through the pain of formatting every 6 months ( cause upgrade its just an additional onslaught of...
  5. Poll: Re: Do you think that Canonical shoud alter the release schedule.

    If the distro upgrade feature was more solid I wouldn't mind, but it is not. Expecting to format every 6 months is absurd, specially when I know there is a better way ( rolling release ).
  6. Re: Major blackout in Brazil and Paraguay. Could hackers be involved?

    Step 1: Man creates internet
    Step 2: Man connect major infrastructure to the net
    Step 3: Man creates artificial Intelligence
    Step 4: Skynet

    Seriously, thats like a military base that happens to...
  7. Re: Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

    I like the i-rack spoof better:
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    Re: R.I.P. stray.

    Strays don't live long, too many speeding maniacs. Best you can do if you find a stray is get him to get its shots and take him into your house.
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    Re: First Computer you had

    I've used computers since 486 era, my dad had a comodore 64 among other things but not in working order. The first one that really got mileage on it was a compaq Cyrix which was a bit inferior to a...
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    Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    I am tempted not to because asking $59.99 for a PC game with no dedicated servers is too much. For that same price I can probably get left for dead 2 pre-ordered and a cheaper discount game.
  11. Re: Err, are netbooks actually netbooks anymore?

    10-11" is the sweet spot if you ask me: a smaller netbook usually can't reasonably fit a 6 cell battery, a bigger one its too unwieldy to carry around in a small portfolio for example. The resolution...
  12. Re: I really want to upgrade .. Live CD.. works OK.. but... I will wait.

    My upgrade cycle its at least 2 or 3 months after the release cycle :D
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    Re: 18 button Open Office mouse

    Why not put a tracking ball underneath a keyboard and call it a day?
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    Re: Finally got a GUI setup on arch!

    Aye, there was not a single issue I couldn't resolve following this exact troubleshooting path. Maybe add the arch irc channel on freenode.
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    Re: self dns make firefox super fast!

    I googled self dns and the only relevant link brought me right back to this thread. Seriously I've come to not only expect but welcome the influx of new people with each new release but this is one...
  16. Re: 10 Reasons Why Google Chrome Should Be Your Default Web Browser!

    OK I am trying chrome right now but this website in particular looks different: the dividing lines between posts and threads are usually thin and almost transparent, now they are quite apparent and...
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    Re: Turnaround for new OS version

    I don't like set dates. I much rather have a rolling release for enthusiast/testing new features and a "it will be out when its ready" cycle for most users/stable everyday use.

    Ideally I'd have...
  18. Re: I do wish people wouldn't bash 9.10 as much...

    While I can appreciate the compromise between stability and updates, 6 months its too aggresive and shouldn't be set in stone.
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    Re: Net pirates to be 'disconnected'

    Use a VPN to tunnel all your connections through it.
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    Re: Net pirates to be 'disconnected'

    Actually this gets ignored or derailed in every single topic but its not even about profits, its about control: there is not a single company that to me has successfully proven loss of profits due to...
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    Re: Net pirates to be 'disconnected'

    Hey in the UK gamers have to wait weeks, months or even more to get the priviledge of paying 20, 30% more for the exact same game or sometimes even more. Then imports are highly restricted and import...
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    Re: 9.10 shouldn't have been released yet.

    Funny that games and game bugs get mentioned since everyone here seems to have the exact same mentality: "Mine works perfectly!" That is the least useful thing you can say to someone with a bug ok?...
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    Poll: Re: ATI or Nvidia

    Meh, I want an option for my Voodoo Extreme! :popcorn:
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    Poll: Re: ATI or Nvidia

    Honestly, after hearing a whole bunch about ATI's new line of cards the only thing I saw was a bunch of "out of stock" and "backordered" nearly everywhere.

    To me this tells me that they decided to...
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    Re: What GTX 260 card is best?

    I had both ATI and Nvidia cards in the past, the only card that I had actually die on me ( fan died and it was charcoiled in a few seconds before I could switch the rig off ) was an ATI branded...
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