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  1. Re: How To Backup And Restore A Hard Drive

    I'm sorry, but was there really a need for creating another thread for this topic?

    General Help - [all variants] Cloning a hard drive using dd
    HOWTO: Create, Recover and Automate System Images...
  2. Re: [How-To] Connect an Android device using MTP in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

    Okay, you looked around and didn't find a good and crisp answer that works for you or your device. That's okay, I can understand that, because I've seen the MTP-confusion on AU and you must have...
  3. Re: Audacity under Trusty Tahr: Building it with FFmpeg

    This is interesting. I haven't used Audacity with 14.04 until now. I have reported a bug for this issue, as I couldn't find one.

    I assume it's releated to ffmpeg being dropped from the...
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    Re: How To Fix MS Fonts in browsers

    You're instructing users to pirate Helvetica.

    You should choose a font that's available to all users if you care about a certain font being properly displayed. Picking a font you like from Google...
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