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    Re: ZSNES and Gens/GS 64-bit binaries

    If you know anybody that won't jump from Windows to Linux without any sort of emulation support, well now you have two reasons to with the binaries I have created. I know before there were some...
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    ZSNES and Gens/GS 64-bit binaries

    I have created ZSNES and Gens/GS binaries for the 64-bit platform for the emulation of Super Nintendo / Super Game Boy and Sega Genesis / 32X / Sega CD.

    All I did was modify... practically the...
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    Re: Windows 98 games in Ubuntu?

    Absolutely. If you look on you can find a utility called Wibom (Wine Bottle Management) that will allow you to keep separate bottles for different games and installations, should they be...
  4. Re: What does Windows 7 Aero have that Compiz doesn't?

    Necropost is necro.

    Anyway, I don't know why Compiz would be incapable of being able to have either Aero Shake or the snap modes people loved so much in Windows 7.

    With everything I've seen for...
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    [all variants] Re: Streamtheworld to .pls

    Necropost of necroposts!

    Anyway, got a URL I wanna share. WJQX 106.1 in the Michigan area.
  6. [ubuntu] No ability to burn after removing rhythmbox and other oddities.

    For some reason or another, after I removed rhythmbox, it seems I lost the ability to burn OS ISOs and not be able to use the disk burning software.

    Is this just the operating system...
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    [kubuntu] Yes, another ZSNES thread.

    More dumb postings by a n00b user who doesn't know what the hell he's doing.

    I want to use zsnes 1.51 for myself and zsnes 1.42 for a friend who always pester me to netplay crap with him (god help...
  8. Re: The Great Desktop Effects FAQ of 2010

    I think it should be noted (at least for us GNOME users) that the GTK Window Decorator can be modified to a degree in gconf-editor. As of right now, the four options people sticking with GTK/Metacity...
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    Emerald button art

    I figured I would kick off this thread with some button art of my own. Best used with TruGlass engine. Download and screenshot below.

    Rationale for the...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Rename "Applications Places System" Menu

    Just confirming the link works in 10.10. Though, I had to get liblocale-msgfmt-perl and gettext in order to make it work. And since I didn't put it in home, had to cd ~/Desktop to get the file I made...
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