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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem installing the b43 driver

    @Filip_Lundberg, broadcom prepared a driver for this and it can be found here Follow the instructions in README.txt. You will need to download...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Lenovo G580 - Broadcom BCM4313 stop working after kernel upgrade

    I also experienced this problem in my Lenovo G480. I have Ubuntu 12.04 and upgraded the kernel from 3.2.x to 3.5.x then suddenly my lan and wifi stop working. Was able to solve the problem thru...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Google Chrome hangs-up (64-bit)

    Seem like I'm the only one having trouble with this bug? :(
  4. [ubuntu] Re: 'precise' is no longer under development say what?

    I also got this message every time I reboot my laptop from hanging up. here's my post regarding my scenario -
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    [ubuntu] Re: Google Chrome hangs-up (64-bit)

    Haven't tried chromium for years already. Maybe i'll try using it once again. Thanks.

    But still I hope I can get answers why Google Chrome hangs-up. Wish I could get some logs, but can't use the...
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    [ubuntu] Google Chrome hangs-up (64-bit)

    Hi all,

    I'm running 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in a Lenovo G480.

    I installed Google Chrome in it and I noticed that it randomly hang-up. I have no other choice but to reboot my laptop since I...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Google Chrome - couldn't load plugin - shockwave flash

    This helps alot!

    Thanks! :)
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Lenovo G480 / Atheros AR8162 woes: unable to initiate wired/dsl

    Your post really helped me alot! It work! Thanks Chili555!

    However, I have observed that if I apply updates from the Ubuntu Update Manager, it seems that the driver is overwritten.

    Is there a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't find pg_config? PostgreSQL problem

    I was installing perl DBD::Pg module and it was asking for pg_config path ... I that that it was asking for postgresql configuration path. LOL.

    Thanks! My problem fixed! :)

  10. [ubuntu] Re: Wierd Apache+VirtualHost log permission problem

    help me if you can i'm feeling down. :)
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Recreate MBR? or How to fix my boot problem?

    Your hunch is correct. Your MBR is looking for your old HD where grub was originally installed.

    To correct this, follow prodigy_'s advise and do the following:
    1. mount your new HD that has the...
  12. [ubuntu] Wierd Apache+VirtualHost log permission problem

    Hello all,

    I have configured my Ubuntu11.04 with apache and virtual host. I placed my virtual host in my local directory.
    If I start apache2 manually like this:

    $ sudo service apache2...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: dmesg filled with "evbug.c: Event. Dev: input5, Type: 0, Code: 0, Value: 0"

    amazing, this problem was posted 2009 and yet still useful until now! :) your solution really works!
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    [SOLVED] Re: 10.04 and 3 SATA HDD problem

    this one i've tried and it worked.

    At /boot/grub/grub.cfg, this is the configuration file of grub, I edited this original line:
    linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-21-generic...
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