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  1. Recommend a good sound card that's supported out of the box?

    I see that the EMU 0404 can be problematic, although it was recommended to me. Luckily, I haven't bought yet and I'm wondering what will work with a vanilla install of Ubuntu desktop? I need three...
  2. Heads up: Folder Colors in Nautilus

    This used to be a commercial app in the software center and now it's available by donation:

    I've been using it since 12.04 and it's very reliable and the effect...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: CAn't virtualize with 3D acceleration Virtualbox

    Same issue with a Win 7 host.
  4. Re: Panasonic 3d0 emulator - Does one exist?

    Sorry for waking the dead, but I finally got this working using:
    Ubuntu 13.04 with Graphics Accelleration
    FreeDo 1.9

    Happy days.
  5. ModLoader for minecraft loads mods.. but they don't work.

    I have done everything as described in the instructions (removed meta-inf folder from the minecraft.jar in the ~/.minecraft/bin folder, added the ModLoader classes and put the Timber mod in the mods...
  6. Re: Suggestions for a childrens point and click adventure game?

    tartalo, thank you. That looks like one I might enjoy :) It's not really suitable for her though (some of the characters look menacing). I guess the educational games are the way to go.
  7. Re: Suggestions for a childrens point and click adventure game?

    stalkingwolf, thanks. I have the edubuntu stuff like tuxpaint, tuxtyping and tuxkart installed as well as some coloring games. She loves them.
    odiseo77, thank you. I'm trying to avoid the games...
  8. Suggestions for a childrens point and click adventure game?

    I've just finished playing Machinarium and my six year old really enjoyed trying out some of the levels. It's a bit dark for what I want her doing though and there was some content I don't want her...
  9. [ubuntu] Mac items appearing in my Ubuntu Trash?

    I have installed Ubuntu One on my MacBook. I emptied the trash on Ubuntu last night and today there are files in it again - that seem to belong to my Mac (QuickLook folders and thumbnails for files...
  10. Re: What do you think of this eink display laptop?

    kurt, cariboo, thanks for the feedback. I contacted them about refresh rates etc and they offered to install Ubuntu for me :) One thing to note is that it is not in fact e-Ink but transflective TFT...
  11. What do you think of this eink display laptop?

    I've been in touch with this company and they offered to install Ubuntu on this machine as a dual-boot option. Here is the device:

    I'm a bit out of touch...
  12. Re: Ubuntu desktop not much more secure than Windows?

    I'm curious, since Windows has been using User Access Control since vista, isn't it basically on par with Ubuntu now? Isn't that the same as sudo?

    Apologies for digging up an old thread but it...
  13. Re: Panasonic 3d0 emulator - Does one exist?

    I haven't got this working - in fact, I forgot about it. It was tricky getting it to work (it didn't) and it looked hopeless. But I may try again soon and get back to you. Unless the performance is...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu One for Mac only syncing one way?

    Bump? I've tried adding the Documents folder on my Mac but it warns about using folders of the same name.
  15. [ubuntu] Re: How to view Ubuntu screen remotely from a Mac

    Worked a treat for me, thank you. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.2 and remotely viewing from Mountain Lion on a MBP.
  16. [ubuntu] Graphics issues - Will the HCL sort me out?

    Technically, my graphics card (GeForce 7600 GT) "works" and is supported under Ubuntu. But the screen turns completely black for a second or two at certain times such as logging in and launching...
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    [mythbuntu] Re: Nvidia latest 310.32 driver. Anyone?

    Found the supported cards list. I'm out of luck. Here are the supported cards for this driver:
    GeForce 600 series:
    GTX 690, GTX 680, GTX 670, GTX 660 Ti, GTX 660, GTX 650 Ti, GTX 650, GT 645, GT...
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    [mythbuntu] Re: Nvidia latest 310.32 driver. Anyone?

    I'm going to try 313.09 too since I lost 3D acceleration with 310 driver. Is it possible that my card isn't supported (7600 GT)?
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    [ubuntu] Re: LibreOffice 4.0 MSFT Office Initial Report

    I notice big improvements too with .doc compatibility and performance. But not for this:

    "The user interface has been refined as well."

    I actually notice no difference in the UI at all (unless...
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    [ubuntu] Re: LibreOffice 4.0

    Of those of you who have installed on 12.04 - are you seeing global-menu intergration? I've seen threads where people didn't get it.
  21. [ubuntu] Ubuntu One for Mac only syncing one way?

    I've just installed and thought all was going well but I've just realised that new documents created here on my Mac don't sync back to the Ubuntu machine. What's up with that?
  22. [ubuntu] Re: System won't shut down; Logs off instead

    I'm having this problem on 12.04 since installing a backlog of updates in December 2011. Disabling networking altogether seems to fix it (or at least, on the next reboot).

    It's not a viable...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Starting LightDM Display Manager fail

    Thank you so much LakeHMM, you just saved me lots of time and a reinstall!
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    [SOLVED] Re: LibreOffice crashes on Print Preview

    Ubuntu 12.04 here with Libre Office Version and this fixed the issue for me. Thanks very much. I know forum admins sometimes robotically lock threads when posts are made after a quiet period,...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Dual screen with 12.04 and 7600GT

    I have the same graphics card. Does 304.43 give any other improvements over 173 beside dual screens? I'm finding Unity sluggish and games often exit badly leaving the desktop locked up.
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