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    [SOLVED] Re: HDE Webcam won't work!!? HELP!!?

    P-rench, I got this working in Lucid and Karmic by simply adding
    as you did in config.xml, between the <Lib>...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: how to setup static ips on two network adapters

    I have had internet connection sharing shared with static clients in Hardy quite easily, but on changing to Karmic have spent a couple of days on it---supposed to be easy.
    For me, it was only easy...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Huawei e169 USB modem - Virgin Broadband - Australia [solved]

    Thanks from me, too!:p
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    [ubuntu] Re: 2.6.24-21 upgrade fails

    I have:
    AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+
    nVidia MCP61 High Definition Audio
    nVidia GeForce 6100 nForce 430 display

    I did the 2.6.24-21 (recommended) upgrade a couple of weeks ago,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 2.6.24-21 upgrade fails

    I had a bit of trouble after the last one so am watching this thread first...did your second upgrade make a new menu item in grub?
  6. Re: HowTo: Install skype and sms with skype in ubuntu 8.04

    If you're still trying:
    Look at
    RavanH's post about half way down, regarding installing skype

    I started following this, using:...
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