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  1. Re: Dead computer after clean Ubuntu 14.04 install.

    unplug hard drive. boot from cd see if the computer is working without the hard drive. if it does then your mb may be booting too fast to select options.
    do some hardware diagnostics then you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 hangs at times

    when it happens can you switch to another screen? try control alt f1. you can log into the console there and do a top it will show you what is working the hardest. kill it then switch back using...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Firefox and google maps

    +1 to bucky. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

    its flash. Chrome has a flash like thing installed. the restricted extras will get flash for firefox.
  4. Re: Mitigating physical access attacks like inception (firewire) badusb et al

    If physical access is the issue remove it. Run everything virtual.
  5. [ubuntu] Re: System detecting only half of RAM (4GiB) after chaging motherboard

    Re-seat the memory.
    Boot to bios. see what it reports.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Installing ubuntu and getting 'Invalid Format' error/message

    Sounds like you have a pretty powerful pc. Which iso did you download 32 or 64?
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    [SOLVED] Re: External USB drives not mounting

    make sure they are unplugged. open a terminal window. do sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog

    this will show you what is going on when you plug it in.

    plug in drive. please post what you see in the...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: How to Speed Up 135 Second Boot Time Ubuntu 14.04 dmesg

    How much ram does it have? Have you done any customization on the swap partition?
  9. Re: wired network is disconnected you are offline

    can you wire your laptop to your router. this should get you online. if it does follow the next steps

    open system settings
    Software & updates
    additional drivers tab. - there may be something...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: support from Tripp-lite usb-serial adapter

    when you plug it in and open your software (i normally use gtkterm) i run it from terminal sudo gtkterm. click on configuration then at the bottom i have the usb to serial adapter.

    to see if it...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible for Windows Explorer to report free space on Samba file share?

    Have you mapped a drive letter to it?
  12. Re: wired network is disconnected you are offline

    What hardware are you working with?
  13. Re: Encryption tool for Ubuntu and Windows for files?

    Is another option. Files are saved within an encrypted file. can mount it like a drive.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Cisco Routers and Switches - Configuring serial\terminal sessions

    Use gtkterm. Works great.

    once installed use sudo gtkterm to give access to serial ports. It works with usb to serial converters and the new cisco interface.
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    Re: unreadable usb key

    open a terminal
    sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog

    plug in usb device. you will get some scrolling text. it may assist in telling you what has gone wrong with ur usb drive.
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    Re: Best flavor of Ubuntu

    For your purpose start with the lowest horse powered laptop and put lubuntu on it. if it works there well put it on all the rest. install chrome. Put the icon in the middle of the desktop f11...
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    Re: Ubuntu unstable wifi

    Please open system settings
    Software and updates
    open additional drivers tab.

    see if there is a proprietary driver for your card.
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    [lubuntu] Re: VMWare Workstation 10.0.2 and Ubuntu 14.10

    Here is a link to the install procedure for 13.10

    It sounds like you are missing step one. having the build essentials and headers...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Server, replace Microsoft Exchange Server?

    Zimbra is one to look at for drop in replacement.
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Installed Virtual Box - Now Ubuntu won't load properly

    here is another thread on missing menu at the top.
  21. Re: Ubuntu 14.04 not seeing HP LaserJet 1018 printer on USB

    ok just found this.

    it may help. looks like lots of people have the problem
  22. Re: Ubuntu 14.04 not seeing HP LaserJet 1018 printer on USB

    When your reboot the computer does the printer come alive? Does it move or lights change? Have you tried it in a different usb port or tried different usb cable? After you try a different usb...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 14.04 Update Manager Error

    please open a terminal and type
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    report any errors if you get any back to this post

    ps welcome to the forums
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    Re: Best option to visualize Windows?

    Check out
    Gui to set things up. Makes it easy.
  25. Thread: Vista

    by tripp98

    [ubuntu] Re: Vista

    +1 for pfeiffep

    try running from a live cd. If you like how ubuntu works before you install it on your hard drive. I would suggest getting a new hard drive and pull the old one out. if your...
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