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    Re: KVM issues

    To access files in your Win VM that are stored in a mount on your linux host I'd recommend you use samba as the server on the linux host. There are lots of guides to installing a samba server in...
  2. Re: Getting Windows 2000 to fill up the screen

    Try using Wine+PlayOnLinux instead of full OS virt, WineHQ says VB6 is functional (mostly) so if all you need is code and debug you might get lucky?!

    Best of luck
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    [ubuntu] Re: virt-install throws an error

    Have you validated first your hardware is capable of running virtual machines?

    Have a read through this

    Post back the...
  4. Re: How to run a windows virtual machine on ubuntu server

    Why does it need to be QEMU?
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    [ubuntu] Re: virt-install throws an error

    Is this your first vm guest or do you have others running? What hypervisor are you using?

    Have you considered a GUI management tool such as Virt-Manager, automates most processes and minimises...
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    [ubuntu] Re: can I do this virtually?

    When I've tested out Wine (Win version of Steam client + game) I used the PlayOnLinux (POL) application to carryout the Wine management i.e. Wine version download+install and config parameters as...
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    [ubuntu] Re: can I do this virtually?

    Hey Doug, what about running the XP apps in Wine on the linux box(es)? WineHQ seems to report Abbyy and Quickbooks were functional at the software levels you've reported?

    Finereader 7.0...
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    Re: Best option to visualize Windows?

    Ubuntu Server with KVM, use SPICE for remote server/client display+audio although I doubt this would be robust for game play, installation is a doddle, just select "VM Virtual Host" as one of the...
  9. Re: Strange font issue with KVM virtual machines on a new Ubuntu 14.04 server

    Had same issue with a 14.04 ubuntu guest, intermittent though. Changed to 'vmvga' with 64MB vram but left the machine type as per the default in 14.04 and I get video/font stability, however as per...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Cannot display graphical console type 'spice': No module named SpiceClientGtk

    Agree, glad you got it working :popcorn:
  11. [SOLVED] Re: Cannot display graphical console type 'spice': No module named SpiceClientGtk

    have the same setup, I use remote-viewer which is a much better console for spice connections which allows you to resize & scale the remote desktop to the window etc. If you want a console inside...
  12. Re: Convert Base (Windows 7) to VM and install Kubuntu as Primary

    Not attempted but if I were to give this a bash I'd probably use CloneZilla to grab the Win partition and boot record...create my vm guest with as close a spec to the original as possible i.e. disk...
  13. [ubuntu] Mouse buttons in a Windows 7 KVM on 14.04

    Have a MS Wireless USB keyboard & mouse...mouse has 5 buttons plus scroll but only 3 buttons and scroll work in a VM (forward and back don't). Any way to enable the other buttons without having to...
  14. Re: Wife wants to keep Windows but I want Ubuntu for her

    Ha a little chuckle at this thread...have you considered skinning Ubuntu to look like Windows...maybe wifey won't notice...
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    [SOLVED] Re: KVM & Spice on 12.04

    Sorry guys been a whilst since I checked in and I didn't subscribe to the thread. Appreciate the updates which is great news, will be waiting until April for the 14.04 release personally.

  16. [ubuntu] KVM USB Passthrough of DVB working but is there a better way?

    So my setup is purely for home uses/experimentation but today I created an Ubuntu Server 12.04 guest and mapped in my Tvii USB DVB-S2 adapter. After applying the fix for getting USB 2.0 Host...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can not run an OS in VB

    The host OS is 64bit right?
  18. [all variants] Re: OpenXen is a sealed box! How can I add an ISO to install an OS?

    So if OXM is using libvirt (I use KVM so not sure) then the storage pool location is likely /var/lib/libvirt/images (or similar)...drop your ISO's in their and refresh your pool. I struggled with...
  19. Re: Installing Ubuntu 12.04 as HVM guest on Citrix XenServer 6.1

    I briefly played around with Xen (non-Citrix ver) before switching to KVM so please treat this response with the caution it deserves...

    Have you confirmed that all your hardware components are...
  20. Re: Question: How can I add physical disks to KVM guest VMs?

    So I run my host server from a mSATA SSD and then have a guest which has exclusive block devices assigned that assembles my raid 10 from these blocks and servers out a file share over samba. I use...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Installing vmware-view-client (depency issues)

    Hi, I'm interested in finding out how View works out for you so hope you come back with more info or a pm. Your post showed the error and a possible resolution as I've quoted below.

    A quick...
  22. Re: KVM: flaky guest networking questions and inconsistent shutdown behavior

    VT-d support for what? I was under the impression this allowed almost seemless passthrough for PCI devices e.g. gfx, telephony cards, raid etc.

    Linux Bridge can bond a physical NIC to a virtual...
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    Re: Installing virtualbox

    Have you considered using KVM instead of Virtualbox? Or Xen? Or Proxmox?

    I personally use KVM on a headless server, host & guest management is then either through cli using virsh or if you have a...
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    Re: Extracting Win XP ISO for Virtualbox

    Hi, the Brasero app which comes with Ubuntu can rip a CD/DVD to an .iso file with ease (copy disk option-->image file), there are other ways to do this also using the CLI and dd, google away as you...
  25. Re: KVM: flaky guest networking questions and inconsistent shutdown behavior

    Hi, have you installed the acpid package on your guests? I believe this is needed for the reboot/poweroff, certainly power management using virt-manager won't work without it?

    For your...
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