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  1. Replacing my phone, mp3 player and internet tablet with 1 device.

    Hi all. I have had enough of carrying 3 devices around with me, not to mention all those chargers so I'm looking for a single device to replace my mobile phone, Iriver H10 mp3 player and my Nokia...
  2. Re: Tis the season, MP3 Player recommendation (UK)

    I have heard some good things about Sansa but looking at their website I see a lot of their devices require Win XP min, are Sansa MTP devices?
  3. Re: Tis the season, MP3 Player recommendation (UK)

    The cowon devices look promising. Iíll check out their availability in the uk.
  4. Tis the season, MP3 Player recommendation (UK)

    Hi all. I want to buy my hubby a nice MP3 player for Christmas. Can anyone recommend a Linux friendly device easily available in the UK? Not an IPod.
    It will be used mainly while working out and...
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    Re: KDE 4 Preview: Quite Impressive

    The exact reason I use katapult
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    Re: Open University?

    The OU will usually only let you study up to a maximum of 120 points in a year, which is the equivalent of full time study (thats about 32 hours of studying per week)
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    Re: Open University?

    Good luck.
    Love the OU, Iím currently half way through my Geosciences degree.
  8. Re: help convernts by a "simple dual boot"

    The ultimate in simplicity already exists for the potential new user, the live cd.
    Easy to try and 100% commitment free.
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    Poll: Re: Is Ubuntu Too Popular?

    Popularity is relative. I donít know anyone in the real world who has even heard of Ubuntu let alone use it.
  10. Re: This is why I will never have a cam in my home

    Youíve lived a very sheltered life my dear.
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    Re: Please don't do this anymore

    Thereís been no change as far as I can see, I just thing the OP is mistaken and has not waited for the page to fully load. IE has never been blocked on the SL homepage; I have had it bookmarked for...
  12. Re: Lenovo to offer SLED Linux on Thinkpad Laptop

    Thatís surprising; I have never had any problems using the 10.1 repos no matter what I have thrown at it. I even got E17 installed on my work machine by enabling the old v10.0 repos and the system is...
  13. Re: Lenovo to offer SLED Linux on Thinkpad Laptop

    Iím not sure where you got that idea from. You can use all of the Open Suse 10.01 repositories in SLED, including the excellent Packman and Guru repoís.

    Additional YaST Package Repositories
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    Re: An interesting observation

    Iíll let you secretÖ if you have an o/s logo on your shirt everyone will still think youíre a loser no matter what one it is.
  15. Re: I got annoyed at elitests dissing

    Oh dear oh dear, if you canít accept a little negative criticism then you really shouldnít publicly air your views in the first place. Itís very presumptuous of you to assume that another forum...
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    Re: Ubuntu vs. Fedora MY SAY! LiveCD

    Nice going! You demonstrate the superiority of the Ubuntu forums by giving everyone else the impression that it is populated by immature little fan boys, a little naive I think. :roll:
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    Re: Photoshop 2 gimp

    Just tried this out at work (Dont have a Windows pc at home) and it works perfectly on all abr files I have tried out so far.
  18. Re: Yahoo censoring Open Source and Linux

    Which would be great if that was what the op had asked for. ](*,)
    Unfortunately the response didn't even try to answer the questions in the original post, why look for a conspiracy theory when the...
  19. Re: Yahoo censoring Open Source and Linux

    The member also didnít specify that she wouldnít accept a cheese sandwich as a solution, that doesnít make it a viable alternative. However, the question title ďInstalling Microsoft Windows XP OS?Ē...
  20. Re: Yahoo censoring Open Source and Linux

    huh? Did you even read the article?
    Here is the original question posted on YA.

    How is ďInstall LinuxĒ in any way a relevant answer to ďWhat kind of problems can I expect to run into? (While...
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    Re: BBC License Payers Unite

    Iím outraged that I canít receive the BBCís DAB broadcasts which Iím paying for through my licence as I donít own a DAB radio. I demand that the BBC immediately cease its digital broadcasts and...
  22. Re: Yahoo censoring Open Source and Linux

    This article completely misses the point of why certain questions and responses get deleted by Yahoo; there are many active topics on YA relating to Linux and open source. The problem is that a lot...
  23. Re: Why is MS trying to access my Port 1863?

    Itís a special service provided by MS, the purpose of which is to subtly inform you that you have far too much free time on your hands.
  24. Re: the day dell refused to sell a computer

    Consider this a lucky escape. A wise man once said...
    Well.. If thatís their sales pitch, imagine what itís like in the complaints department!
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    Re: Talk Talk Broadband

    Sounds reasonable.
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