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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Help choosing mini-laptop: 1215N, 1215B, 1201PN or 1215P

    Just to throw in my two cents:

    As an owner of an ASUS 1215n, and with friends on Arch using new laptops using Optimus NG-ION chipsets, we've discovered a project called bumblebee, which allows you...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Some little annoying things in 10.04

    1. In System > Preferences > Power Management, have a look in the "On Mains Power" tab. There should be an option called "Set display brightness to:". Move the slider to the far right. That should...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: SMPlayer - AAC audio (Matroska) - Wrong automatic codec (FFAAC, should pick FAAD)

    Aha! After some investigating, the problem seems to lie in the version of MPlayer that's packaged with the VA-API patches. I was using the April mplayer-vaapi release; on using the February release...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Video thumbnails won't load in Lucid Lynx

    I've encountered the same problem. I've bypassed it for now by using ffmpegthumbnailer. It took about 15 minutes of tedious adding of keys to gconf, but it 'works'.

    The Totem thumbnailer was...
  5. [ubuntu] [Part Fixed] MPlayer - AAC audio - Automatic codec (should pick FAAD but picks FFAAC)

    I'm using SMPlayer 0.6.8 (SVN r3213), with MPlayer SVN r31027 (compiled with the vaapi patches). Oh, and I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 (x64_64), and my hardware specs are in my signature.

    Some of my...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Microsoft Office and Open Office compatibility

    Also, if you're using GNOME, you can use nautilus to go to fonts:///
  7. [all variants] Re: Catalyst "Use Centered Timings" on a Laptop


    Thanks. :D
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    [ubuntu] Re: safe torrenting

    You can never be *absolutely safe*.

    However, I've gone for several years on:

    > using updated blocklists
    > randomising ports
    > forcing inbound and outbound encryption
    > ensuring that the...
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    Re: why 64 and why shiretoko?

    Surely all you have to do to make your Bank's online service recognise Shiretoko is to change the key general.useragent.extra.firefox from Shiretoko/3.5 to Firefox/3.5 in about:config...
  10. [all variants] Catalyst "Use Centered Timings" on a Laptop

    In the Windows ATI driver, there is an option under "Panel Settings" called "Use Centered Timings".
    In short, if the physical display on the laptop's screen is 1280x800; with this setting enabled,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: gnomad2 and creative zen problem

    I get an error which I think is the same as yours. I.e. I plug in my Zen, then open Gnomad2, then it says "No Jukeboxes found".

    I solve this problem by, while Gnomad2 is still open, unplugging and...
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    Re: What is your favourite ubuntu Wallpaper ?

    Not an Ubuntu user any more (Arch, lol), but this was my favourite wallpaper back in the day:
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    [SOLVED] Re: Intel Celeron Dual Core - 64 or 32 bit?

    Yes, indeed it will. AMD came up with the 64-bit extention to the 32-bit architecture first (afaik), so Ubuntu has opted to call their 64-bit release "amd64". The release will work on processors made...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Intel Celeron Dual Core - 64 or 32 bit?

    To be perfectly honest, nowadays you might as well install 64-bit Linux. There was a time when there were serious compatibility issues, but everything works now (the only thing that comes to mind is...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Help updating graphics driver (Intel G45 Express Chipset)

    The "git" protocol allows people to get their hands on bleeding-edge source code, rather than precompiled packages. As such it won't work in apt.

    This thread covers in a fair deal of depth how to...
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    Re: How I got Guild Wars working in Wine 0.9.23

    I am led to believe that if you follow the instructions detailed on this page, you can run Guild Wars at a playable rate with minimal instability on the recent line of Intel GMA chips.
  17. [other] Re: Set FAT32 Cluster Size with mkdosfs/mkfs.fvfat/mkfs.dosfs ?

    Thank you very much (!).
    I had tried, funnily enough, this exact command (except for the -I that was needed to format the entire drive as FAT32); and it seemed to work smashing (even the...
  18. [other] Set FAT32 Cluster Size with mkdosfs/mkfs.fvfat/mkfs.dosfs ?

    I am an avid user of Nintendo DS Flashcard technology; and have learned that "Larger FAT(32) Cluster sizes result in quicker random-access". Slow Random-Access causes some DS applications/games to...
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to browse linux filesystem from windows????????????

    The Moral of the story: USE GOOGLE! dje did.

    Proof: Google Search for "linux file system in windows". Note that the FIRST LINK is for fs-driver.

    You didn't do any research, did you?
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    [other] Fullscreen Games, Pillarbox ?

    Right, I think this is an appropriate section to post this in.

    I have a fair few games (both native and through WINE) which will only run in resolutions which are the aspect ratio 4:3; notably...
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    Re: Mupen64 No Controller Problem

    I have a controller-based problem, which I would have put in a new thread, except this thread has the same name as the one I would have made.

    If I insert a joystick into a USB port, open mupen64,...
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    Re: Link to windows

    In principle you're almost on the right track. However, you must NOT override ALL the DLLs, im particular kernel.dll . DO RESEARCH for every single DLL you intend to override before you do it, as...
  23. Re: (Somewhat facetiously) Should we have a sticky telling Windows experts to stay aw

    Sometimes it really does make me wonder. People can be so different from each other.

    I literally stumbled across Linux 2 years ago, and before I knew it, Windows had vanished from all the PCs in...
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    Re: Guild Wars installation problems

    What errors does it throw up? That's the kind of information that allows new suggestions to materialise ;) .

    If the entire thing has ground to a halt, your best bet would be to back up your Wine...
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    Re: Guild Wars installation problems

    It's as if WINE doesn't think OpenGL is accessible. This in itself could be a problem with Wine (did you compile it yourself and miss a flag?), your Graphics Card drivers (don't expect decent drivers...
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