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    [SOLVED] Re: How to diagnose SD card problems?

    Turns out I had disabled something in the BIOS, so nothing to do with Ubuntu whatsoever. Solved, I guess?
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    [SOLVED] How to diagnose SD card problems?

    Hey all,

    I have an ancient eeePC 701, that's stopped recognising the SD card for some reason.

    Previously the card would automatically mount when inserted and generally be usable as one would...
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    Re: Do you program in Java?

    I would second this. It's a great language if you like to do things the "Java way", and a terrible one if you don't. As it happens, I don't.

    The libraries are a huge leap beyond almost everything...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Nvidia preventing ubuntu from booting properly.

    Does your computer have a TV tuner?

    I just had a similar problem, which I solved by disabling the device (although there are more difficult/less extreme methods if you want to keep using it). For...
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    Re: Learning New Programming Languages

    If you try Scheme, you'll be able to learn from The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (, arguably the finest textbook on computer science ever written,...
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    Re: Programming Language

    +1 to what llanitedave said.

    However, I think there are two different paths, depending on what your priorities are.

    If you want to get good at the theoretical stuff over the long term, I'd say...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Snow Leopard on Ubuntu in VirtualBox with an AMD machine

    I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but have you seen this tutorial/method:

    I had no difficulty at all with...
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    Re: Leaving Windows behind entirely?

    I'm in the process of trying to leave Windows right now. I tell you though, it's scary stuff (speaking mainly as a gamer and Visual Studio user).

    I'm one of the very, very small minority of people...
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Installing Nvidia driver causes lack of desktop

    Yay! Found it!

    Someone had a similar problem here:

    Turns out I too have a TV tuner card thing in this computer, so that sounded like it could be...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Installing Nvidia driver causes lack of desktop

    Really? I thought that there was supposed to be no difference in the inner workings of the operating system.

    Anyway, after some more searching I discovered there are such things as logs, and this...
  11. [SOLVED] Installing Nvidia driver causes lack of desktop

    Hi all. I'm very new to Ubuntu and don't really understand what I'm doing, so:

    I have been attempting to install Xubuntu 11.04 (Xubuntu because I like the look, not for specific reasons like...
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