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    [SOLVED] Re: Login now by means of Ubuntu One SSO only

    To the @Admins...

    I guess this is not of top importance to be fixed, but the settings page of the forum profile is blocked by permissions... i.e. one cannot Edit his profile etc......
  2. [all variants] Re: ubuntu 12.04 squid3 not starting at startup

    Try the solution in my post here:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Squid not starting at boot

    Use what @daxumaming proposes, but with a small change.

    Do not alter the /etc/init/squid3.conf file.

    Just create the file: /etc/init/squid3.override
    And put inside it this:

    start on...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Get a LighTuning Technology Fingerprint reader working

    Same problem on Aspire 7738g.
    Anyone any info?
    I found this from the producer of the scanner but no links available:
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