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    Re: Ubuntu 14.04 samba 4.1.6: Errors after upgrading

    The below worked for me:

    "You can also fix this issue while keeping libpam-smbpass installed by running "pam-auth-update"...
  2. Why does hosts file still work on another network?

    I moved my computers from a network based on 10.0.0.x to one based on 192.168.1.x. I had my hosts file set to give names to the computers and to apache virtual hosts. After moving the computers to...
  3. dist-upgrade fail - how to remove packages with dep problems

    dist-upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10 failed in the middle with dependency problems all related to apache and php5. I'd like to just remove them and anything causing problems and continue with the...
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    System only boots on second boot attempt

    How do I trace the boot process and error logs?

    Whenever I first start my laptop the grub menu comes up and the timer countdown will choose the first entry which is Kubuntu 13.04. It will...
  5. [all variants] Re: How can I stop fsck from running after booting other partitions

    I had the wrong symptoms. It's running fsck every boot. I'm pretty sure my problem is this bug: For those searching, it's a long confusing...
  6. [all variants] How can I stop fsck from running after booting other partitions

    Whenever I boot from one partition after having booted from a different one, there is a forced fsck. I've tried setting fstab 6th column to 0. That does not seem to affect the dirty mark the drive...
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    Re: Super PI Ubuntu - How fast is your cpu?

    satyam@prajipati:~$ time pi 1048576 >/dev/null

    real 0m1.415s
    user 0m1.350s
    sys 0m0.050s

    In 2005 on this thread I posted this:
    End of calculation. Time= 37.716 Sec.
    End of data...
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    [ubuntu] Installing PyQt4 for python 3.2

    I have python 2.7 and just installed 3.2 (on 11.04) from the repos, anyone know what happens when I install PyQt4? (it's installed and working from the repos for 2.7).

    I downloaded the latest...
  9. [kubuntu] Re: dolphin crashes on any file copy - new install 11.04

    Yes, I could. I ended up reinstalling and it seems to be working fine now. I'm afraid to install the same things I did before. I want to install konqueror but I'm worried that the problem might...
  10. [kubuntu] Re: dolphin crashes on any file copy - new install 11.04

    Nothing other than that it shows copying works. From another computer I was able to copy files onto and within this computer.
  11. [kubuntu] Re: dolphin crashes on any file copy - new install 11.04

    I can copy from the command line. I can download and save a large file (and it shows up in the notification with it's progress displaying and updating. Turns out I can delete from dolphin but I...
  12. [kubuntu] dolphin crashes on any file copy - new install 11.04

    I don't know where to begin figuring this out. On a total fresh install of kubuntu 11.04, everything went fine. When I do any copying in dolphin it crashes. Konqueror does the same thing. I...
  13. Do repos automatically use 64bit programs on AMD64?

    Just set up my first 64bit install.
    The repositories look like the same ones as my i386 install.
    How many of the programs in the repos are 64bit? How does it work that I don't get 32bit...
  14. Poll: Re: Should novice users still be told to "clean install, not upgrade"

    I'm a serial upgrader. I used a Dapper system for several years that had been upgraded from Hoary to Breezy to Dapper. Then I did a clean install with Intrepid and upgraded it to Jaunty to Karmic...
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    [ubuntu] Re: CD/DVD drives won't mount

    I have same problem. My system won't mounts CD's or DVD's. If I boot with a CD or DVD in the drive then my system will read it. After a while from boot time it won't recognize the drive anymore....
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    [kubuntu] How do I get kate html plugin?

    In KDE 3.5 I could select text then hit some keys and enter an html tag and the tag would be closed at the end of the selected text. With Kate 4.3.5 I can't do that. Under settings/configure...
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    [kubuntu] I need some KDE trickiness

    When I first starting using Ubuntu with Gnome I had found a script I could put somewhere that gave me a right click option to open a file as root when browsing in the file manager.

    I want to add 3...
  18. What's your record for # of dist-upgrades to new versions?

    Sometimes people say it's best to do a fresh install to a new release. With my time constraints that's inconvenient. I'm wondering how successful (or unsuccessful) people are at using dist-upgrade...
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    [kubuntu] Re: How to trace GUI locking up?

    So much for the idea that it's a networking problem. It just locked up while cutting and pasting from one konsole terminal to another. Those were the only two windows open. It's always the same...
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    [kubuntu] How to trace GUI locking up?

    I just did a fresh install of Kubuntu 9.10. The GUI regularly locks up. I can SSH to it from another machine everytime it locks up. Top shows Xorg consuming 99% cpu. I think downgrading the nvidia...
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    [kubuntu] How did one of my NTFS drives get mounted

    In Dolphin one but not both of my NTFS drives shows up on the left pane. It has a directory in /media. There is no mention of it in /etc/fstab. How come it's there and has a name, but the other...
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    [all variants] firefox and flash problems

    I have Firefox 3.5 and 3.6 installed. I also have Google Chrome.

    Flash 10 sound works in FF 3.6 but not video (if I hit refresh over and over sometimes video will work).
    FF 3.5 is the...
  23. [kubuntu] Re: access denied on samba share after karmic upgrade

    Ok that gave my Ubuntu computer access to the XP computer but now the XP computer lost the name access to the Ubuntu computer. I can find the Ubuntu's IP address with ifconfig and then Windows will...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Electric Sheep Screensave broke after upgrade to Karmic

    I had to install ffmpeg libraries.

    sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-52
  25. [kubuntu] Re: access denied on samba share after karmic upgrade

    Thanks much, that worked.
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