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  1. [ubuntu] Connection Sharing, and opening all ports


    Right now I had a set up from my computer to my PS3 allowing the PS3 to connect to the Internet. Basically, the PS3 is in a bad range with my wifi and short of running a long cable through...
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    [lubuntu] Skype on 12.04 sound issue

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to configure Skype on my end. In days past it used to just be Options -> Sound Devices and everything would point to a "default device" option (not exactly sure) but it would...
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    Re: Why hate on Apple?

    Wow, that was a pretty long, boring, uninteresting wall of text that you decided would be a great idea to post on the Internet! Go hog wild!
  4. Can't get higher resolution on new HDTV

    I don't know if there is really an answer to this but I figure maybe some Windows guru could help me out.

    Recently I purchased a 32" HDTV and would like to use it as a monitor in between video...
  5. Mapping Samba Shares for iMacs

    Hello forum,

    I am an intern and have been given a task to integrate our iMac computers with Mac OS X (Lion) into the schools network, specifically with Active Directory.

    So far I have managed...
  6. [SOLVED] Places tab, no Pictures folder (Nautilus)

    I have this really weird issue. Lately I've edited fstab to include an NTFS partition to mount at start up on 10.04. In my Home folder, I have been making links back to the partition to act as though...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Public Folder Sharing Issue

    Alright, so here is the output from command testparm;

    coleman@coledesk:~$ sudo testparm
    Load smb config files from /etc/samba/smb.conf
    rlimit_max: rlimit_max (1024) below minimum Windows limit...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Public Folder Sharing Issue

    I'll be able to when my shift ends. Thanks for the lead though.
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    [ubuntu] Public Folder Sharing Issue

    So, I'm trying to set up a shared folder in Ubuntu 10.04 for my LAN. Basically I'd like to make it so when I move in with my new room mates, they can just go to the ~/Videos folder in my home folder...
  10. Re: The Thing I love about Linux in General

    Maybe you should have tried CDBurnerXP or imgburn but hey whatever bro.
  11. Re: Bizarre behaviour with wikipedia pages

    The Government is watching you and have cameras in your house, run!
  12. Re: New Ubuntu Is Out Lets Hear About What You've To Say

    Because this is a thread asking for opinions and everyone is different? Why come into a thread like this and expect everyone to be the same? Are you seriously that tunnel visioned?

    I'm still...
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    Re: Linux Mint 12 will keep Gnome 2

    I'd prefer orange actually.

    Or purple, for the upcoming Saints Row game.
  14. Poll: Re: Desktop computing. Here to stay or... ?

    I'm sure it's going to stay. My job and millions of other jobs basically depend on this sort of work style and using tablets and such, while fun, don't seem business productive and seem to be more of...
  15. Re: ARTICLE: My Desktop Is Changing

    That sure was an article.
  16. Re: Software Centre promoting paid applications

    Synaptic Package Manager is awesome, just throwing that out there.
  17. Re: Windows 8 UEFI secure boot.what it means for the future of linux?

    Really seems like a non issue and people are just scared for the sake of being scared.

    If a manufacturer doesn't allow you to turn it off, they are asking for lost sales and are obviously stupid....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Internet Problem

    How are you connecting to the device? USB or Ethernet? Please be sure to use Ethernet if possible.

    Can you please provide the full device model name? That can usually be found under the under, or...
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    Re: Ubuntu 2nd OS?

    Because they can.
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    [ubuntu] Transmission

    Hey guys, still running 10.04, wanted to use Transmission today and set up the privacy rules, so I go to Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy and enable the blocklist and select Update to get the latest...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: how to disable touch-pad on my laptop

    Perhaps there is a physical switch on the laptop?

    Or you could try this guide?
  22. Want to spend $1,499 getting A+ certified?

    I'm sure you don't, and in no way did I spend that much money either. But today I got a rather interesting phone call pushing me to set up an appointment to see a New Horizons building and begin...
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB sound card question


    (If it's not OK to bump then I'm sorry)
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    [ubuntu] USB sound card question

    Hey there, I poked around the sticky and didn't see anything on this so I'll post here;

    Basically, I have a Wireless Stereo Headset that channels sound through a USB stick. On Ubuntu 10.04, if you...
  25. Re: Someone tried to break-in to my computer

    While interesting, probably not the best idea. Give someone an inch... :(
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