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    [PPC] Re: Nvidia drivers for PPC

    Any luck or leads??? I'm poking around everywhere to try and solve this issue, have same machine you spec'd too.
  2. [PPC] Re: Graphics problems In Power Mac G5 Quad (NVidia)

    Sorry to pick up this thread again. But. Any luck out there!? I've just been struggling with the nv driver(less) issue for about a week now, and am also plagued by the white unity gui buttons... and...
  3. [PPC] Re: trying to to make my geforce 6600 mac ppc g5 works with ubuntu 12.04

    Ok, wifi (airport) is alive, and I think I have my system backed-up, proceeding to monkey with video drivers :guitar:
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Initial boot goes to the "question folder"

    ok, sorry, I may have confused things - my G5 stuff uses "open firmware" which I think serves to confuse things a bit... dunno about your (intel?) architectured Macbook. If you want a really really...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Initial boot goes to the "question folder"

    I had this problem too, but on a desktop G5 - I was able to do a quickie fix of just changing (physically) which SATA chain my hd was on, but whilst poking around I ran into evidence of editing......
  6. [PPC] Re: Install ubuntu on powermac g5 that can't boot from cd or usb

    Hi PPC peeps - I'm working on Ubuntu installs on a late 2005 G5 with nvidia and airport card - I just went through some difficulties in getting Ubuntu running - tried alpha/beta 13.04 of course, but...
  7. [PPC] Re: Help with nvidia drivers for geforce 6600 dual 2.0 g5 mac with ubuntu 12.04

    Hey again- well, we can't run or install anything x86, I don't think. Though there are a bunch of different platforms ubuntu runs on, apps and drivers have to be compiled for the intended...
  8. [PPC] Re: trying to to make my geforce 6600 mac ppc g5 works with ubuntu 12.04

    Hi Gus - so, any luck? I'm in the same boat... late 2005 G5 with Geforce 6600 256mb. I tried both the bleeding-new 13.04 (beta-ish) and 12.10, but 12.04 seems to be the only one that works currently...
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