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  1. [ubuntu] Re: GUI installation tutorial for wpn111 and Ubuntu 8.04

    After looking at this and various other posts I came up with my own howto for a WPN111 on 32-bit Ubuntu 9.10, it's in my reply here,
  2. [xubuntu] Re: I have 9.10 and a netgear rangemax usb 2.0 adapter WPN111 how do i get it to work

    I just got my WPN111 working on [32-bit] Ubuntu 9.10, following various posts, maybe this will help you:

    Install ndisgtk in the Ubuntu Software Center

    Copy the contents of the ndis5 directory...
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    [ubuntu] Re: WPN111 On But Won't Connect

    I've been struggling with my own WPN111 but I think I've now got to grips with it.

    It seems like the WPN111 driver (or maybe ndiswrapper) doesn't handle reboot/shutdown well, leaving the device in...
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