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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Only boots into shell after installing nvidia-glx-180.51

    For net access, reboot and when it says Starting GRUB, hit the ESC key and boot to the Recovery kernel entry, and when it brings you to a blue screen with some options, select NetRoot. This will give...
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    [ubuntu] Re: compiz wont stay active

    Have you installed the Fusion Icon?

    You can change the widow decorator there from MetaCity to GTK or whatever.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Desktop Cube Issue

    I use the Wall myself but I'm gonna take a wild guess here.

    You have the cube itself enabled, but I notice in your 2nd screen-shot that you do not have Rotate Cube enabled. Maybe that needs to be...
  4. Re: Jaunty RC AMD64 Alternate CD notworking, keeps on asking for valid mirror...

    I suppose thats possible. You didn't mention that in your initial post.
  5. Re: Jaunty RC AMD64 Alternate CD notworking, keeps on asking for valid mirror...

    If the install CD set up DHCP successfully during setup it should be able to set up the update mirror. I have never had it ask me for a "valid mirror" before. Very odd indeed.

    This is not really a...
  6. Re: Multiple Root Messages On Shutdown After 04/14 Updates

    I have observed the same behaviour on shutdown as well as reboot.

    Might be time to file my first bug.

    EDIT: Report filed.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Compiz on Jaunty

    Have you tried changing your AccelMethod to "UXA"??

    Seems some people are having success with this with Intel integrated graphics.
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    Re: Disabling NVidia Powermizer

    Sounds like your offer does exactly the same thing. Except with a different approach.

    The end result seems exactly the same.

    EDIT: I've tested pferraro's option and confirm it works. The end...
  9. Re: Multiple Root Messages On Shutdown After 04/14 Updates

    This strange behaviour has not changed with the release of the RC. I suppose this is since the RC is the daily from the 14th according to the FTP sites. Got some updates today, but they have failed...
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    Re: Disabling NVidia Powermizer

    If you are using a laptop you might find this thread useful:

    This little tutorial allows you to set the Power Mizer to always be at Level 3...
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    Re: Multimedia Gurus - Here's a Challenge!

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    Re: Apple Trailers and Firefox

    I use the gecko-mediaplayer plugin as well so I'll X2 this solution.

    I use it with the gnome-mplayer package rather than the regular.

    Plays flawlessly in Firefox 3.0.8 whereas the...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Change Default CD Burning Application

    Thanks mister! I have managed to get GnomeBaker to launch now upon CD insertion.

  14. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Change Default CD Burning Application

    Been doing some Googlin' and haven't had much luck.

    I'm not a fan of Brasero, and since I use Gnome, I'm not interested in K3B.

    The application I love using is GnomeBaker as it has yet to ever...
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    Re: Not recognising CDs/DVDs

    Threw in a music CD Lee and it seems to detect it fine here with fully updated Jaunty.

    Shows the CD on the desktop after the drive spins up.
  16. Multiple Root Messages On Shutdown After 04/14 Updates

    I always have the bootsplash's disabled because I prefer the verbose boot & shutdown.:)

    After the updates on 04/14 I have noticed that when I select to restart the computer, I get multiple...
  17. Poll: Re: Are you using the new update notification?

    I'm the kind of person who runs the update manager daily, so this hasn't affected me much personally. But I think that for new users and learning users, having a prompt update notification system in...
  18. Re: Set GMail As Default System-Wide Email Client

    Glad to hear you got it sorted out, pvfjr.
  19. Re: upgrading 8.10 to 9.04 nvidia 180.29 to 180.44 "cannot upgrade "

    Manual installation is so much easier, and less problems. Here's how I do it.

    First: Download the drivers from NVIDIA.

    Then make sure the driver file is executable. Right-click >Properties...
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    Re: broken package killing everything

    Patch works like a charm. Thanks for that. :KS
  21. Re: Set GMail As Default System-Wide Email Client

    I do not get this error. I select an image in Firefox (v.3.0.8 currently) and select Send Image and it opens the GMail compose message window with the image details already inserted into the body of...
  22. Re: Update & Add/Remove Broken. Compiz Broken.

    Change to a different repository until you don't get the Partial Upgrade warning.

    System > Administration > Software Sources
  23. Re: HOWTO: Spice up your boot text [font resolution and color]

    If you look at your /boot/grub/menu.lst and look at the 2nd kernel entry, you will see that it has the ro single listed there. That's your recovery/single user console. Leave single off of the first...
  24. Re: HOWTO: Improve NVidia Laptop Graphics Performance

    Thank you for this. I have a Asus M50VM with the GeForce 9600M with 1GB of VRAM.

    The first thing I noticed upon reboot was how fast the entire Gnome desktop & Compiz launched.

    It was virtually...
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    Re: Today's Updates: Updated Login Screen

    That is not the login screen after todays updates.

    Thats the old one.
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