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    Re: Am I the only one using LTS?

    i've been meaning to ask this question for quite some time myself, actually. maybe make a poll out of it some how?

    i did use 10.04 for a good while, but as usually happens, i have habit of simply...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Epiphany flash issue

    as much of a pain as flash can be, almost still have to have it sometimes, at least.

    you mean it is possible to get flash to work in epiphany? never thought i'd hear of the day!

    epiphany could...
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    [ubuntu] Re: seamonkey from tar

    talk about fumbling?! my fingers are in knots already just reading all that. even copying & pasting it into a terminal looks like work. :(
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    [SOLVED] Re: install a tar

    better yet is why doesn't this browser get updated in the repositroy's faster?

    cripe! the next updated version of this thing will be out before it makes it to them, which really sucks as...
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    Re: The BUMP Thread

    how stupid!! :(

    go outside or something!
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    [SOLVED] Re: Opera repository error

    ancient thread, but just worked for me on xubuntu 11.10!! :)
  7. [xubuntu] Re: 64bit machine - Firefox and Seamonkey always crashing

    oops! i now see why mythbuntu screwed up. should've done more research on that one!

    my very first attempt on a 64bit machine WAS a proper dual boot setup! no difference there and part of why i'm...
  8. [xubuntu] Re: 64bit machine

    well, i just sent about 4+ hours trying to install mythbuntu, using wubi, on a 64bit machine and i see why it's called that. upon restart, it couldn't find it's own dang iso that it had just...
  9. [xubuntu] Re: 64bit machine - Firefox and Seamonkey always crashing

    now have newest (supposedly) stable versions of ff and sm and STILL crashing like there's no tomorrow!!

    crashes in safe mode also.

    not a total loss anyway as at least chromium and opera work...
  10. [xubuntu] Re: 64bit machine - Firefox and Seamonkey always crashing

    latest version of seamonkey in the repository is 2.7, which i have. i can uninstall both ff and sm and use one or the other (ff still crashes sometimes though) but i'm hard headed and want BOTH to...
  11. [xubuntu] Re: 64bit machine

    wow! not a single reply? cripe! i've even gotten some replies in a couple other forums that are not even remotely ubuntu/linux related.

    this is most definitely a 64bit, firefox 10 and above issue...
  12. [xubuntu] 64bit machine - Firefox and Seamonkey always crashing

    is it possible to use a 64bit machine and a mozilla based browser without it CONSTANTLY crashing?

    2 machines i've had now in the last week WILL NOT work with either firefox or seamonkey, after...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: constant crashes in firefox and seamonkey

    that command doesn't do squat but open firefox!

    i've completely removed firefox & seamonkey, deleted the hidden folders, reinstalled firefox. pow, instant crash in yahoo or gmail.

  14. [SOLVED] Re: constant crashes in firefox and seamonkey

    will give it try next time i'm on one of the 64 bit machines.

    definitely thanks for including the command (will NEVER get into the command line stuff) to launch profile manager! :)
  15. [SOLVED] [Solved] constant crashes in firefox and seamonkey

    within the last couple of updates, and especially since firefox 10 came out, both my firefox and seamonkey CONSTANTLY crash. both are now totally useless it happens so frequently.

    i have noticed...
  16. [xubuntu] Re: suspend - laptop different than desktop

    thank you.

    just seems peculiar that 3 desktops, all different models will boot straight into OS, but all 4 laptops, different models also, boot to the option of chosing OS.

    always thought...
  17. [xubuntu] Re: suspend - laptop different than desktop

    if the desktops are shutting down, why does the light still blink on the front of computer, as if sleeping, and unless the unbuntu install edited my bios for me, the bios power option is set for s3....
  18. [xubuntu] suspend - laptop different than desktop

    why does a laptop coming out of suspend mode load my xubuntu os immediately where as my desktops load the option to choose which os to boot?

    is there a way to change that on any of these machine?...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Software update vs. apt-get

    just did a search for this ip address and this was one of two results.

    basically the same problem except i have a whole long list of repos that aren't being fetched.

  20. Re: 3d lab Oxygen GVX1 video on ANY linux distro

    thank you

    just might give that a shot. not a lot of hoops to jump through, but enough to possibly turn me off to working on some one else's stuff, just to get an ancient video card to work!
  21. 3d lab Oxygen GVX1 video on ANY linux distro

    does anyone know of a linux distro, or even a version of xubuntu, that will run with a 3d lab Oxygen GVX1 video card, out of the box?

    thank you
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    [xubuntu] driver for the 3d lab Oxygen GVX1

    on an older hp of my sisters with an oxygen 3d labs graphics card. i found the below post from around 2008 that didn't have any replies. so just copy and pasted it here. how can i get this card to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Java

    isn't OpenJDK open source?

    how much does sun or oracle have their hands in this still?
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Any antivirus required for UBUNTU 11.04

    is clamav as worthless in linux as it is in windows? do they still make clamav for windows. haven't looked at thing in eons!

    i know there are relatively few linux virus' so clamav, could be much...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: copy & paste doesn't stay copied & pasted


    just came back to see what those names were again.

    no need for loads of kde stuff here.

    clipman installed and working. not exactly like windows, is it? ;)
    it'll due though.
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