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    Re: Acer Aspire One - Success with Jaunty

    I have the 8GB Aspire ONE with the solid state drive...and I am also having the issue with the touchpad and the "left hand" card reaser which doesn't seem to work at all (nothing registered when...
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    Re: Acer Aspire One - Success with Jaunty

    I had the exact problem as you, but found MobileTeam/Mobile/HowTo/ImageWriting which helps if you're doing this from a linux box, but I had to use USB Image Tool to do this from my Windows laptop.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: HOWTO: functional eye-candy with Avant-Window-Navigator

    Firstly, huge props to the developers--functional bling! :)


    how can I get the warning messages about your repo being "unauthenticated" to go away?? Do you have a PGP key or...
  4. Re: HOWTO: 5 button mouse working on firefox (back/forward buttons)


    which mouse do have?

    I'm still pounding my head against the wall trying to get the side buttons of my Intellimouse Exlorer (wired) working

    This is what I have so far and scrolling...
  5. [ubuntu] Hardy specific: need help getting the extra mouse buttons working on Intellimouse

    Hi all,

    I did a clean install of Hardy release so once again I am in a battle trying to get full button functionality from my Intellimouse Explorer (wired and old as hell).

    I have read numerous...
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    Re: Red Orchestra...

    thanks for the tip on the command line switch to play RO :)

    The only thing that is messed up for me now is the in-game menu, but I am playing this in compiz-fusion, so that likely has loads to do...
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