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  1. [ubuntu] Web Interference Network Meter like ntop?

    For Ubuntu is there any other network utility like ntop to monitor per hosts like "" OR "" the bandwidth and overall bandwidth.

    I have been using ntop for a while but it...
  2. [ubuntu] Can Western Digital's Intellipark cause major havoc?

    Just to lay some ground work I have the following:

    A Compaq Presario F739WM Laptop that has an NVidia MCP51 SATA Controller.

    It had originally a Hitachi 160GB SATA 1.5Gbs, then a 160GB Samsung...
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    [ubuntu] Re: A bigger hard drive isn't supported?

    Oddly enough it appears that simply not having the hard drive pushed in tight enough may have just been the problem the entire time.

    So far Ubuntu is working fine and except for my touchpad mouse...
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    [ubuntu] Re: A bigger hard drive isn't supported?

    I finally got Ubuntu to install but then it destroyed itself.

    Oh well, maybe one day I can find a solution but any Google Search/Forum Search just finds me people with the same problem with no...
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    [ubuntu] Re: A bigger hard drive isn't supported?

    Nope just tried both the fdisk and the parted commands, for some reason neither command find any hard drive at all.

    EDIT: I did just notice some odd things in dmesg though.
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    [ubuntu] Re: A bigger hard drive isn't supported?

    Well according to Windows 7's Disk Management it's claiming it's a Basic Disk using MBR not GPT.
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    [ubuntu] A bigger hard drive isn't supported?

    I have a Compaq Presario F739WM laptop (1.8GHZ/2GB RAM).

    I have had Ubuntu installed on it for probably 3.5-4 years or so.

    It came with a Hitachi 160GB drive and I had no installation issues.
  8. [ubuntu] HP Pavilion a706n can't boot Ubuntu 11.10 Alt CD

    I have an unmodded HP Pavilion a706n with all original parts except the memory has been upgraded to 784MB.

    Now when I try to boot up the Ubuntu 11.10 Alternative CD, it goes to a black screen that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB to SATA & PATA Adapter (ID 152d:2338)

    Thank you drave40, I never thought I needed an extra module being that it "worked" but I noticed even the minute I added this module, the IDE/Busy light actually worked on SATA, so it definitely...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: PdaNet tethering w/iPhone and Ubuntu Working!

    Anyone know how to use this method for 11.04?

    I have been using this method perfectly on 10.04 LiveUSB.

    Now I have created a 11.04 LiveUSB and it appears that new packages namely ipheth appears...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Connexant/NVidia audio just randomly stopped working?

    I almost never use suspend/resume, but so far the audio is not going out, but I will give that a try if for some reason it does manage to go out again.
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    [ubuntu] Sis 761 videos doesn't refresh?

    I have a Compaq Presario SR1550NX desktop PC with an intergrated Sis 761 vid card.

    Ubuntu seems to work perfectly on this PC except if you try to browse the web and scroll down the page, it's like...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Connexant/NVidia audio just randomly stopped working?

    Thank you so much, your clearing of PulseAudio worked perfectly, only problem was, Logout/in wasn't enough, a full restart was required. Either way, it worked.

    I am surpised I never seen anything...
  14. [ubuntu] Connexant/NVidia audio just randomly stopped working?

    My Compaq Presario F739WM laptop has a Connexant HD Audio/NVidia MCP51 (reported by lspci) sound card.

    Ubuntu has always supported the card with no problem except the random popping noise but then...
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    [ubuntu] Samba File Access Timeout?

    To example my question, I will tell you what happens for me with Windows vs Samba on my Ubuntu 10.10.

    I access a video file via VLC on my Windows PC via a Windows share, and plays the file...
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    [ubuntu] Low Graphics Mode?

    EDIT: NVM turns out the NVidia driver was not totally purged/removed from the system though deactivated, so once I did that and removed the xorg.conf, rebooted, all is well.

    My Ubuntu 10.04 USB...
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    Re: Howto: Fix Windows share browsing issues

    Thank you for this post, I was baffled as to why I could no longer browse Windows Shares when it worked perfectly for 2 days with NO changes done at all. (Ubuntu 10.10 with all latest updates).

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    [ubuntu] Re: Compiz on 10.04 LiveUSB

    Thank you, I never realized it would literally be that simple. I figured it had to do with it being live or something.
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    [ubuntu] Compiz on 10.04 LiveUSB

    I use my Ubuntu LiveUSB (LiLi USB Creator) on various machines and everything works perfectly.

    Though, even though I got the NVidia driver to work properly on my laptop, the "Desktop Effects"...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: PdaNet tethering w/iPhone and Ubuntu Working!

    Thank you so much, I'm thinking that I had to do a huge iTunes + PdaNet Desktop install inside wine, but now it's just two simple commands.

    I love this, because often in college I'm having class...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Screen fails to turn on again on laptop sometimes

    I removed the restricted nVidia driver and it seems to be working fine now.
  22. [ubuntu] Screen fails to turn on again on laptop sometimes

    I have Ubuntu 9.10 on my Compaq F739WM laptop, which normally works well.

    I can go days with screen blanking and it turns back on moving the mouse and/or touching keys on the keyboard.

  23. [ubuntu] Compaq Presario F739WM will not wake up after "blank screen"....

    I currently have Ubuntu 8.10 running on my Compaq Presario F739WM laptop and in Power Management it is set to blank screen when I close the lid on both AC and Battery.

    When I then open the lid...
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    [ubuntu] Unlocking Mouse displays Ubuntu Help?

    I have a Compaq Presario F7W39M laptop that has a button above the mouse is the lock/unlock mouse button.

    It locks and unlocks fine but unlocking for some reason brings up Ubuntu help.
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Broadcom STA Wireless Driver disabled by default?

    It looks like it was wl.

    I added wl in to /etc/modules because it was not loaded by default.

    I then rebooted and wireless works by default now.
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