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  1. [ubuntu] lightdm doesn't always show up when switching user or logout

    So I have a machine which there are 3 users. We had a problem with lightdm-zombies, but it seems to be fixed now. However, sometimes lightdm doesn't appear after logout/userswitch to non-active user...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is it right to upgrade to 11.10 now

    I usually download the iso (write it to a thumbdrive) and test with that before upgrading anything.

    My experience so far is that there are speed issues with gnome3 or that some of my oldest...
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    [all variants] Some applications won't start up because of non-conventional /home-location

    After upgrade firefox never started up when chosen from menu. This was due to me having home directories in an other location than /home/ (Actually, /home on my system is soft linked to somewhere...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: installing Ubuntu 9.10 on HP Z400 fails black screen

    I had huge problems with this while som other with same machine and same install cd made it work. I found out that you cannot have anything plugged into display port 2. Then NV driver will work.

  5. GDM won't start, getting start: Unknown job: S50gdm

    After the very interesting last day I managed to do an update later today and I'm up 2 date. I alsop had a look at System > Administation > Services and checked cron and some other stuff,, After...
  6. Re: HowTo Change Default GNOME Text Editor or Any Other Default Program

    So far all of above changes the behaviour for one user. I wanted to set smplayer as system wide multimedia player instead of totem. I did this to get the desired effect:

    sudo perl -pi.old -e...
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