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    Re: Propesyon ng mga Ubunteros at Ubunteras

    Network Technician sa isang malaking ospital dito sa Baltimore....

    bah, meron ka pang ibang propesyon nhatz...aminin mo na PEDZ...wahahhaha
  2. Thread: Ubuntu in Cebu

    by mangz74

    Re: Ubuntu in Cebu


    You still have plans to jumpstart my hometown's Ubuntu Scene? I might be able to pull some people for a meet up, but I offer no assurances. I am not sure if the local LUG is still even...
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    Re: Cebuano's Dito tayo!

    Cebuano ko pero wala ko sa Cebu. Musta ang Cebu? Glad to know there's Ubuntu users there....:)
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    Re: Maryland Loco Team Meetup

    i have been a patron of hclibrary but i have never used their desktops. nice to know that they are using ubuntu or open source at that. I just hope that we as a team could convince more people to...
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    Re: Maryland has a team? w00t!

    wow! I just went on a month long vacation and when i come back...the old northeast group is gone and a new Maryland team is here...nice nice!:KS

    too bad i wasn't able to go to the meet probably...
  6. Re: Monthly NU Ubuntu Team (DC-Area) meetings planned...join us!

    I will try to see if MUGS is still in Little'd be nice to see you all in here. Another alternative venue would be the Barnes and Noble in Inner Harbor especially once the weather gets...
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    Re: where and who to spread the word to?

    you could probably leave a couple of Ubuntu CDs in the cafeteria or student union of your local community college or university. :) Make sure to put a big poster "FREE" and some urls linking to the...
  8. Re: ANNOUNCE: Jabber is now selectable as an IM contact option

    wow..jabber...kewl..lemme change mine...:)
  9. Re: Monthly NU Ubuntu Team (DC-Area) meetings planned...join us!

    Hi. Family issues have prevented me from being active in this group but I am still very much interested. Anyway, just wondering if there's plan of having the meeting north of DC soon (baltimore). ...
  10. Re: "NU Ubuntu Team"Northeastern United States(ME,NH,VT,MA,RI,CT,NY,NJ,PA,DE,MD,DC,VA

    hi..who is my contact on my area (baltimore area)? I live by white marsh and i work Hopkins?
  11. Re: "NU Ubuntu Team"Northeastern United States(ME,NH,VT,MA,RI,CT,NY,NJ,PA,DE,MD,DC,VA

    By the way, I have been working on Drupal webpages and I definitely can help you with that. If I get accepted :-k I definitely would like to volunteer to work on the NU Ubuntu Webpage. I think...
  12. Re: "NU Ubuntu Team"Northeastern United States(ME,NH,VT,MA,RI,CT,NY,NJ,PA,DE,MD,DC,VA

    I am glad that there is a finally a loco group from my area. I have been looking for something like these but I haven't checked the forums for sometime. I am from Baltimore, MD in White Marsh area....
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    Poll: Re: Any chance of a "standard" linux distro?

    I think they're doing this with the LSB of Ian from Debian. I haven't read anything recent about it but I do hope it gets work on.
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    Re: Free ubuntu CD's are working their magic!

    One of the primary reasons a lot of people are trying to get into Linux primarily because of how Ubuntu is marketed. Before, people get Linux by downloading it and burning it on blank cds. Honestly,...
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    Re: Sorry for unethical question

    Well, I do agree that open source is more widely accepted in other countries outside the US because of Microsoft's cloat in the American market. If you noticed, when you go to Best Buy or CompUSA,...
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    Re: What do you name your PC's ?

    well, i used to name my computer and even routers in my home network to greek gods and goddesses. if you are into these stuff, you'll know which server to get into once you see these name -- zeus (my...
  17. Re: Linux Professional Institute and Canonical Announce Ubuntu Professional Certifica

    I too have certs on my wall, and basically thats the only use I have for them for now. You do need them when looking for a job especially if the person on the other side of the desk is a pencil...
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    Re: skype on linux...why?

    I am one of the people that still needs skype because my contacts uses them and I forced to use it. same with yahoo. maybe in the future when gaim or any other linux application be able to support...
  19. Re: Maryland Ubuntu Users Group. Wanna Start One?

    we could start it off as an online group first. then we could worry meeting in person later. we just need to be able to gather enough people to start of a loco group for now.
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    Re: Linux, Windows or Cisco Jobs?

    Based on my experience, Unix/Linux jobs are harder to look, Cisco networks are okay but there's a lot cisco professional who are in the market already jobless and windows is just everywhere. if u...
  21. Re: Maryland Ubuntu Users Group. Wanna Start One?

    I am in Maryland too, You guys still interested in organizing the LOCO group for MD?
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    Re: TUX magazine rates us 3rd place =/

    If you haven't notice by now, TUX magazine are basically very pro-KDE. Even if you looked back at previous issues, most of the software reviews are KDE. Maybe its time Ubuntu sponsors its own...
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    I noticed that this projects looks like its stuck in nowhere land. Anybody interested to resusitate this back to life?:)
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    Re: If you have Windows XP, why do you use linux?

    I used to dual boot XP and Linux but have been windows free for almost 2 years now. The reason why i ditched XP is basically I am fed up with all the spyware and viruses that I have to deal with. ...
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