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    Re: Planning Upgrade

    I just did this upgrade. I didn't have any issues with it but I do have the OS on a different physical drive than that of the MythTV storage drives. I followed the recommendation off the...
  2. Re: TV Card issues....Hardware Suggestions....

    The HDHomerun Dual, works flawlessly with MythTV. I have two of them on my system. (antennas pointed in different directions) If it is on your local network when you configure MythTV, it will find...
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    Re: 14.04.1 LTS upgrade question

    The upgrade did OK for me. The Live player is more tolerant of flakey signals. Finally, the HVR 2250 I have reports signal strength. On the other hand, I am trying to sort out a video tearing...
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    Re: 14.04.1 LTS upgrade question

    On the channel icons, I ran into this too. Found the answer in the Wiki.

    As of 0.27, the channel icons have to be in /home/mythtv/.mythtv/channels. or the userid that is actually running the...
  5. Re: Comcast/Xfinity Encrypted CATV signal in my area- What to do now?

    Of course as a MythTV user, you don't really need to combine antennas at all. If you get a separate tuner, a HDHomerun Dual is good, then you can connect the 2nd antenna to it. Then when you set...
  6. Re: Comcast/Xfinity Encrypted CATV signal in my area- What to do now?

    LOL, when I saw this, I said to myself that you must live in ATL, and then I looked at your info and true enough, you do. That station is infamous for its compression. Great idea though. I wish...
  7. Re: Comcast/Xfinity Encrypted CATV signal in my area- What to do now?

    While the OP has decided to stick with cable, I'll offer this up when it comes to considering an antenna. Recommendations for specific antennas and placement are not going to be useful to anyone...
  8. Re: How to enable Intel Integrated Graphics acceleration for Myth?

    If you have the room in your system, it's really worth it to stick a $45 Nvidia card in it. VDPAU on these cards is quite flawless and won't give you any issues.
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    Re: mini itx combined frontend/backend

    I like these cases, but two things.

    - For that kind of money I'd get one that holds more drives. You can never have too much storage on a BE.
    - They need to be in the open to cool properly. ...
  10. Re: Easiest way to move working MythTV backend to larger hard drive?

    My recommendation, for anyone building a future system is to put everything, except the MythTV storage stuff, on one small SSD. Put MythTV's storage - video,recordings,liveTV, music, banners, etc...
  11. Re: Installed Ubuntu Updates - now Mythbackend won't run automatically

    Updates should not change ".conf" files.
  12. Re: small fanless nettop media box: hardware options?

    If you are doing OTA then the real test will be 1080i with 2x interlacing. If it can handle that, then you are fine.
  13. Re: Installed Ubuntu Updates - now Mythbackend won't run automatically

    I had a similar problem causes by the fact that the command line options for both mythfrontend & mythbackend changed. They dropped -nodblog and made the default not to do db logging. Unfortunately...
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    Re: Media Center Remote on latest Mythbuntu

    You might want to do some reading on the various wikis to see if your mceusb remote is identifying itself as a keyboard/mouse combination. If so, you will not need to install lirc.
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    Re: HTPC mini pc build.

    I'm not sure what case you are getting, but with ITX form factor keep in mind those passive cooled cards take up a lot of room. It's why I didn't go with one when I built an ITX system. I couldn't...
  16. Re: Live TV stutters- most of the time I have to pause for a second

    I recommend that you read the Myth wiki for proper Nvidia settings. There is a section on stutter free viewing. It's also very important that you have sync to vblank enabled. I noticed that on my...
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    Re: Western Digital Red Drives

    It's been my observation that reviews on Newegg tend to be overly negative. Some of it seems to by people who push their system well beyond specs then complain when something fails.

    For a...
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    Re: Cannot change to user mythtv

    You are offering up your opinion of what he needs based on your experience of a completely different process to retrieve schedule data.

    IMO, I'd rather give him the info he asked about, the...
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    Re: Mythbuntu with WinTV HVR-2250

    For those of us who have cut the cord and do OTA only this isn't an issue. HDTV via OTA is quite nice and the ability for Myth to record it through this card is important.
  20. Thread: Meter Strength

    by topcat5

    Re: Meter Strength

    It seems to me that I tried to get it to work on 0.25 by binding it to one of my keys on my remote. When I tried to use it, during live TV it tended to hang the FE, so I removed it. This was with a...
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    Re: can't play read-only-files

    I'd recommend just making mythtv the owner of the files. You should not need to change the permissions.

    chown -R mythtv.mythtv filename

    "-R" makes it recursive so take care where you...
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    Re: Cannot change to user mythtv


    sudo su - mythtv
    Will allow you to switch user to mythtv by entering your own password. This assumes sudo is setup properly for your main ID. The "-" is optional. The difference means...
  23. Re: failed to load firmware v4l-saa7164-1.0.3-3.fw

    I believe kernal support for the HVR-2250 is different for 3.5 Kernals than 3.2 being used on the current generation of Mythbuntu, so you would not want to follow those instructions. For 3.5+ you...
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    Re: Mythbuntu 12.04 Update Manager Annoyances

    I agree that Update-manager is an Ubuntu annoyance. Nothing like having that popup on a FE with no keyboard/mouse. I removed update-manager and simply do updates from a command line. Since I...
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    Re: How do you change video cover art?

    If you manually moved files to your video directory, then make sure that the files have the correct permissions and ownership. Usually this would be 0644 mythtv.mythtv (or whatever ID is running...
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