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  1. Re: Recovering grub bootloader after windows 8 install

    Is the set up to boot MBR legacy mode or EFI? In system BIOS what happens if you force it to boot legacy MBR
  2. Re: error: diskfilter writes are not supported

    Yes the fix works
  3. Re: error: diskfilter writes are not supported

    Having the same problem it's a bug note post 34 has a fix I might try it
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    Re: ubuntu is no fun

    Seriously if you think the Windows A,B,C,D method of naming drives (where you can't even tell a drive from a partition) is how it should be you have a problem. However, if you want to clone use...
  5. Re: Easiest way to block websites partially

    I would go for one of the extension tools built for Firefox then
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    [ubuntu] Re: Creating a root user

    You wan't to give a user admin powers without a password? This is a bad idea, personally I would limit the number of users that have admin privalages and those that do need to use a password before...
  7. Re: Easiest way to block websites partially

    This isn't the easiest thing to do but will work well, you could set up a Squid proxy sever and then use Squid guard / dansguardian to block sites. Otherwise Firefox has has extensions you could use,...
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    Re: Alternatives to RAID 0+1

    ZFS and BTRFS come to mind as alternatives to a traditional RAID system heres a few links:
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    Re: Intermittent BSOD

    Hardware - I'd check RAM by booting on a live CD and using memtest. Overheating? is the heatsink sitting nicely on the processor?
  10. Re: Disk imaging - Will it work if done via windows ?

    I use clonezilla on the excellent Parted Magic live CD which has many useful utilities that can for example help you recover lost partitions, unformat etc.
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    [ubuntu] Re: uninstall of clamav went wrong

    Thanks could you mark as solved?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Transmission does not seem to work

    I find if i download the torrent file and then double click it transmission just opens.
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    [ubuntu] Re: uninstall of clamav went wrong

    I think if you edit the /var/lib/dpkg/statoverride file and remove reference to clamav

    sudo nano /var/lib/dpkg/statoverride or use gedit if you prefer. However to get clamav to update open a...
  14. Re: Why have you chosen to use Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based distros?

    Linux is so much better than Windows for my purposes, Ubuntu gives a good stable system that is easy to setup with dood defaults, I personally like Unity (apart from the online search, which I turn...
  15. Re: how can i set up an email server for the first time on ubuntuusing dovecott

    I've found these howtos very good
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    Re: Just how powerful is the Terminal?


    You can configure the computer, set up services, set up networking, search and manipulate files, listen to music etc etc etc. If you were running a linux server you probbly wouldn't have a...
  17. Thread: No Sound

    by Gone fishing

    [lubuntu] Re: No Sound

    I think you may have problems with divers and hardware starting in the middle of the guide given above what happens if you run
    alsamixer and
    sudo lshw | grep Audio or
    sudo lspci | grep Audio...
  18. Re: Dual boot Win 7 x64 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    The connection problem is probably Ubuntu trying to get an IP address does you router automatically give out IP address? Open a terminal and check run ifconfig and your are looking for something like...
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    [SOLVED] Re: How to format usb stick using Terminal?

    firstly to list your partition information to find the name of the device / partition you want to format

    sudo fdisk -l


    sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdc?

    changing /dev/sdc? as needed
  20. Re: A newbie's Q: Windows vs ubuntu boot time

    Ubuntu is quite a quick OS to boot up, possibly a little quicker than a clean install of Windows. However there are OS that will boot up quicker, Haiku some of the more minimalist Linux distros etc....
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    Re: Wine Icons on Desktop and Launcher

    I created a hidden folder .office with the icons / startup links i my home folder
  22. Re: One your computer - ONE BUTTON for end-user

    My reaction was NOOOOOO I don't want the scumware you get on Windows which most optimisers are. However, Old_Grey_Wolf is right Ubuntu other Linux and BSDs don't degrade like Windows (this is a...
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    Re: cups is a real PROBLEM!

    Try using the CUPS admin system open a browser and go to localhost:631 hopefully under manage printers you will get more information about the problem. I would probably remove the printer and the...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Black screen w/error message when installing ubuntu from USB drive

    I would suggest first checking and defraging Windows as in the post above, then resizing the Windows ntfs partition from Windows. Windows 7 can do this then install into the freespace created...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: How to Customize Live CD? I do not have Ubuntu installed on the HDD.

    Sorry but this does not really answer your question but why not ...

    Install Ubuntu as normal but to a removable drive, install the grub boot loader to the mbr of the removable drive and then boot...
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