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    [all variants] working dmesg

    Just randomly the wifi started working again, but I guess it will go down again at some point, not going to assume that all will be ok as before. I thought I post the working dmesg as well, and...
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    [all variants] wireless network card became disabled

    Dear community,

    unfortunately I got problems with my wireless recently, it has always been working ok, but one day last week it was down after waking up from a suspend. I fiddled around, but...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Troubleshooting Compiz / Unity Problem

    Hello trundlenut,

    I don't know what kind of graphics card you are using, but if it is a nvidia you might want to check this bug here:
  4. [ubuntu] Re: System is hanging frequently after installing 12.04

    Hello rajnikhil,

    what do you exactly mean with system hangs? Do the windows freeze, but the cursor can still be moved? And also what kind of graphics card/graphics drivers are you using?
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    [all variants] Re: Freezing Windows / xorg problems?

    No suggestions yet? Even some hints about the .xsession-errors would be great.
    At the moment I seem to have found a fix, at least no windows freeze yesterday, by disabling the compositor in Xfce:...
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    [all variants] Freezing Windows / xorg problems?

    Dear Forum,

    I know that I am supposed to keep the questions short, but I really don't have a clue what the problem is, so please excuse me if I try to provide as much information as I can in the...
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    Re: Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit vs 32 bit in Asus 1225B

    Hello zemega,

    regarding 32bit vs 64bit; you have 2GB memory, and 64bit will be of no use to you.
    The x-bit determines how much memory you can address: a bit is binary (=two states 1/0), therefore...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Backup files (*~) visible on Xfce/Xubuntu desktop.

    First of all thanks to everyone for their answers.

    @rai4shu2 Well, I also keep most of my documents somewhere else, not in ~/Desktop, but sometimes it is quite handy to just click on the Desktop,...
  9. [SOLVED] Backup files (*~) visible on Xfce/Xubuntu desktop.

    Hello Forum,

    this is a rather minor and cosmetic issue, but annoying nonetheless. General backup files, ending in a tilde (~) are visible on my Desktop (Xubuntu 12.04). E.g. if I have...
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