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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 11.04 crash and Desktop problems

    My 11.04 was working OK for weeks, but the last 3 - 4 days it started crashing several times per day. I guess it's some update, but it's driving me nuts. Only thing that works is press and hold the...
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    [ubuntu] 11.04 suddenly won't wake up

    I upgraded my old HP Pavilion desktop to 11.04 a few weeks ago and at first things were fine, but recently the PC refuses to wake up in the morning. I assume it's going in to sleep mode overnight,...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Program disappears from launcher after restart

    I'm using the Unity 2d launcher, and I have done this with a few programs. It's inconsistent in that some of them are there after reboots and some are not. Also, when I launch the programs that had...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Best tool for pausing/rewinding live TV from Dish Network

    Thanks, looks neat. I'll try it out.
  5. [ubuntu] Best tool for pausing/rewinding live TV from Dish Network

    I have an old Hauppauge card of some kind that I use to pull in my Dish Network stream to my PC in my office. I use mplayer or sometimes VLC to view it, but with the World Cup coming up I anticipate...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Low Mic Volume

    You're a star, this worked for me. No restart required even.

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    Re: Tweeting through terminal

    Works, thanks for the info.
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    Re: XRDP working with GNOME - howto (HACK)

    You rule. Thanks a lot for this link.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: video card switches between /dev/video1 and video0

    Thanks that works. Much appreciated.
  10. [ubuntu] Re: video card switches between /dev/video1 and video0

    Hmm, it just did it again. Does anyone know what logic if any is used to determine what makes the videocard appear as /dev/video0 instead of /dev/video1 ?
  11. [ubuntu] video card switches between /dev/video1 and video0

    Seemingly at random when I reboot my PC which I do every now and then, when I get it back up and running it will sometimes have switched my video card from using /dev/video1 to /dev/video0 or vice...
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    Poll: [all variants] Re: New App: SopCast Player for Ubuntu

    Thanks for this app, got it working just in time to see my Spurs lose to Man U. Anyone know a command to get it to use vlc as the external player?
  13. [ubuntu] Re: newbie q - what to do with broken packages?

    Thanks everyone, I chose to remove and reinstall in synaptic and it worked, I first tried the reconfig thing but I got the same error about the package being broken.

    It also removed tersus but I...
  14. [ubuntu] newbie q - what to do with broken packages?

    Running the updates in synaptic today I received this message.

    You have 2 broken packages on your system!
    Use the "Broken" filter to locate them.

    So I do that and I see

    sun-java6-bin and...
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